Multitenant SaaS application using productivity tools in Business Application Studio

SAP Business Application Studio, Multitenancy in SAP BTP

Transitioning to the cloud and developing multitenant applications is a key requirement that nearly every customer has these days. When working with SAP Business Application Studio using productivity tools it is possible for you to achieve this goal with minimum efforts. To dive deeper, let’s start by understanding multitenancy and its benefits. What is Multitenancy? […]

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Complex OData Annotation Editing using CDS Graphical Modeler

SAP Business Application Studio, SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

In this blog post, we will demonstrate how to annotate CDS models with OData annotations using the CDS Graphical Modeler. Complex OData Annotation Editing using CDS Graphical Modeler In this blog post, we will show you how to create complex OData annotations for CDS projections in a separate app/annotations.cds file using the CDS Graphical Modeler […]

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SAP HANA Development with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model using SAP Business Application Studio

SAP HANA, SAP Business Application Studio, SAP HANA Cloud

Goal: This Blog explains how you can leverage native SAP HANA development artifacts with CAP. In particular we look at the use of Calculation Views, inside Cloud Application Programming (CAP) Applications. This includes OData access to Calculation Views. Solution: Pre-requisites: Set Up SAP Business Application Studio for Development Launch the Business Application Studio (BAS) and […]

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Deploy Fiori element app created from ABAP RAP(Steampunk) to BTP Launchpad service using MTA

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model, SAP Business Application Studio, SAP BTP

This blog is an end-to-end guide to development and deployment process, from creating ABAP RAP OData service, generate a Fiori element report as Multi-Target Application (MTA) and deploy it to Launchpad service in BTP. Prerequisites: Since the tutorial focuses on the end-to-end process, the application we will create a super simple application. 1. Create ABAP […]

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SAP HANA Cloud – Catalog & HDI Role Creation (A step-by-step guide)

SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Business Application Studio, SAP HANA Database

Introduction Roles defined in SAP HANA Cloud using HANA Cockpit or HANA Database Explorer (SQL Console) are called Catalog based roles whereas roles defined using Business Application Studio (BAS) are called HDI roles. Catalog and HDI both have their own advantages and disadvantages, some of the key differences are as follows: HDI Role Creation: Pre-requisite: […]

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Usage of UI Annotations in CDS views and Business Application Studio

SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics, SAP Business Application Studio

Now a days client has plenty of choices to select Analytical tools as per there business requirements and budget. Cloud being most popular option most of clients are preferring cloud solutions so that they don’t need to invest time in maintaining environments and installations. With Wide adaption of SAP intelligent Enterprise SAP has introduce Business […]

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Add an Approval Workflow to your Custom Business Coding using Key User Extensibility Tools in SAP S/4HANA Cloud

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, ABAP Development, ABAP Extensibility, SAP BTP, SAP Business Application Studio, SAP Workflow Management

Use Case The use case shown here is a Bonus Plan built as a Custom Business Object in SAP S/4HANA Cloud where you trigger an approval workflow for the manager on the SAP Business Technology Platform. The Custom Business Object and its ABAP Business Logic is developed as an In-App Extension running on the SAP […]

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Invoking Static BOPF Action From Custom Pop up in Fiori Elements App

SAP Business Application Studio, ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model, SAP Fiori, SAP Fiori Elements, SAPUI5

Introduction: Many times while working with Transactional List Report Apps developed using SAP Fiori Elements we might have requirements to get dynamic input from the end user, like providing a popup where user makes selection and then we need to take actions accordingly. In order to develop transactional App SAP provided us 2 programming model […]

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