Send SAPscript form PDF from output type message to Business Network

One of the common requirements when we are implementing SAP Ariba Commerce Automation or Digital Supplier Network, is to send attachments inside the purchase order to Ariba Business Network, but this functionality is already included implementing the next Include in the User Exit EXIT_SAPLEINM_002: But…what happens when you want to send the PDF of the […]

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Integration from one SAP ERP to two SAP Ariba Realms through SAP BTP Integration Suite

Ariba Cloud Integration, SAP Ariba Sourcing, SAP Integration Suite

Disclaimer: SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG) has been renamed to SAP Integration Suite, Managed Gateway for Spend Management and SAP Business Network, some graphics may still refer to the previous name, mainly due to size restrictions. Business Case A customer wants to migrate an SAP Ariba realm to the SAP Ariba realms of the […]

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Integrate Ariba ITK Services with CPI

Ariba Cloud Integration, Cloud Integration

Requirement: Integrate SAP Ariba ITK services with SAP CPI. Overview SAP Ariba ITK (Integration Tool Kit) helps to integrate SAP Ariba with any ERP system to exchange master and transactional data via coma-separated-value (CSV) file upload and download. Refer SAP Ariba integration toolkit guide SAP Ariba integration toolkit guide for more details. To integrate SAP […]

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SAP Ariba Real-Time Budget Check in Mediated Connectivity using CIG and CPI

SAP Ariba, SAP Ariba Procurement, SAP Ariba Cloud Integration, SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway

1. Requirement Overview (Introduction) Client is using Ariba Buying & Invoicing solution integrated with S4HANA ERP. Purchase Requisitions are being created in Ariba and once the Purchase Requisition (PR) is approved in Ariba, it sends the information to S4HANA to create the Purchase Order (PO). If PO successfully created in S4HANA, Ariba receives the PO […]

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