Determine Storage bin Blank while Put away-SAP EWM

EWM - Delivery Processing, EWM - Basic Functions, EWM - Goods Movement, EWM - Radio Frequency, EWM - Shipping and Receiving

Introduction: Now a days in most of the business scenarios in complex warehouses want to put away the material in whatever the bin they want (System should not determine the destination bin, instead system should determine till the storage type only). How we are going to achieve this? What are the options available. To achieve […]

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Configuration of Quantity Classification in SAP EWM

SAP Extended Warehouse Management, EWM - Delivery Processing, EWM - Goods Movement, EWM - Shipping and Receiving

Introduction: The business is receiving the products in the warehouse and while you putaway you want to pack the material into pallets and cartons and send it to different storage types. So how can we achieve the above requirement? We can achieve the above requirement through packaging specification and quantity classification as shown below 1. […]

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Yard Management in SAP EWM

SAP Extended Warehouse Management, EWM - Delivery Processing, EWM - Goods Movement, EWM - Master Data, EWM - Shipping and Receiving, SAP Activate, SAP S/4HANA

Introduction: In this blog post you will learn about the yard management in SAP EWM. Yard is a location outside the warehouse where the vehicle/TUs will arrive & leave to load and unload the goods. It is usually implemented to manage the truck movements within the yard. Below are the important aspects of a yard […]

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Multiple items in a Purchase Order should go through different storage process.

EWM - Delivery Processing, EWM - Shipping and Receiving, SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Introduction: In the current cut through competition in the businesses, few Complex Warehouses may receive the products through multiple storage processes for the multiple products. With respect to real time business scenario i am going to demonstrate these through multiple storage process for different products in a single purchase order. Purpose of this blog is […]

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Handling Unit (HU) Label Printing Through PPF in SAP EWM

EWM - Shipping and Receiving

Introduction All of you know The SAP EWM PPF(Post Processing Framework) is a tool for the generic execution of functions and processes. It provides a uniform interface for triggering actions, such as printing labels or sending messages or faxes…etc. Now I want to determine in order to print the Handling Unit(HU) label through PPF(Post Processing […]

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Dock Appointment Scheduling (DAS) in Standard SAP Yard Logistics

SAP Extended Warehouse Management, EWM - Shipping and Receiving, SAP Yard Logistics

Introduction: This blog demonstrates how to perform standard inbound process with SAP Yard Logistics using Dock Appointment Scheduling functionality. The process flow diagram is included for ease of understanding. Dock Appointment Scheduling: Planning of vehicle arrivals at the warehouse, loading and unloading of the vehicles is important for managing the efficient running of the warehouse […]

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