Roadmap to C_THR12_2311 Certification: Expert Tips and Practice Tests

C_THR12_2311 certification study tips.

Professional certifications can significantly enhance career prospects in today’s competitive job market. Among the sought-after certifications is the C_THR12_2311 certification, which validates expertise in SAP Human Capital Management. However, preparing for such an exam requires diligent study habits and effective strategies. This article provides some beneficial study tips and discloses the benefits of using the […]

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How to setup Time Evaluation in Time Tracking

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll, SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

Time Evaluation is needed to process recorded times in a way to calculate overtime premiums, shift premiums, working time account or overtime account balances, to create alerts and warnings if employees have times outside their planned hours, outside the flextime bandwidth, if they record more than 10hours per day and many more reasons. Successfactors Time […]

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SAP Analytics Cloud Planning with SAP SuccessFactors (HCM): Step by Step Illustrations of the Best Practices for Workforce Planning

SAP Analytics Cloud, HCM (Human Capital Management), SAP Successfactors

This blog illustrates from SuccessFactors standpoint how to create an optimized Planning model in SAP Analytics Cloud. When you design your SAC Planning model, you create dimensions for data collection and retrieval purposes. We, currently, witness customers and partners who create for each table of their SuccessFactors query a corresponding dimension in the SAP Analytics […]

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