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C_TSCM42_67 Exam: Study Guide & Practice Test to Learn SAP PP

Earning the C_TSCM42_67 certification is the key to use the SAP PP module in your career and business. Following a study guide is highly beneficial to ace the exam, which earns you the knowledge to perform well within your own business or any organization.

Overview of the C_TSCM42_67 Certification:

The C_TSCM42_67 exam or the SAP Certified Application Associate- Production Planning & Manufacturing with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP7 certification tests if the candidate possesses the knowledge of Production to work as a consultant.

The C_TSCM42_67 certification proves that the candidate has a basic knowledge within the consultant profile and can implement his knowledge practically in projects. The C_TSCM42_67, SAP Certified Application Associate, can aid to the success of the planning and implementation phases of the project under any mentor’s guidance and would typically have a maximum of three years of experience in the solution area. Project experience is good but should not be a prerequisite for an eligible and well-trained candidate to pass the exam.

What Topics Are Covered under the C_TSCM42_67 Syllabus?

The C_TSCM42_67 exam covers topics like-

  • Process Orders (PP-PI)
  • Basics on SAP Business Processes (E-Learnings)
  • Application Overview and Background
  • Production Orders Basics (PP-SFC)
  • Master Data (LDM)
  • Lean Manufacturing (PP-REM, PP-KAB)
  • Production Orders Advanced (PP-SFC)
  • Material Requirements Planning (PP-MRP)
  • Material and Capacity Requirements Planning

Some Preparation Tips to Ace the C_TSCM42_67 Exam:

Enroll in SAP Training to Learn More about the C_TSCM42_67 Topics:

Some candidates may find it challenging to learn the C_TSCM42_67 topics. But learning becomes easy when the candidate joins the training and clears his doubts from the industry experts. Therefore, a C_TSCM42_67 aspirant should undoubtedly attend the SAP training to earn success.

Focus on Covering the Entire C_TSCM42_67 Syllabus:

Don’t miss out on any syllabus area during your exam preparation. SAP C_TSCM42_67 syllabus is almost equally divided into all areas and needs special attention. Your success in the exam and how many questions you can attempt solely depends on your firm grasp of the syllabus. Completing the syllabus becomes more manageable when an aspirant follows a study plan. He must choose the most productive time of the day and dedicate two to three hours to learn the topics. A candidate’s study plan should focus on particular topics for each day, and he should try to cover them within time.

Join Groups and Forums for Healthy Discussions:

Join groups, communities, or forums for a regular discussion on C_TSCM42_67 exam-related topics. If the candidate keeps discussing with other candidates, the discussions can help him clear his doubts. A candidate can ask questions in the forum or group, get to know about valuable study resources, and learn about any successful candidate’s journey. All of these are vital for any exam preparation.

Practicing with C_TSCM42_67 Practice Test Is Crucial:

Self-evaluation is always crucial when getting prepared for the C_TSCM42_67 exam. The time-based C_TSCM42_67 practice tests would help a candidate to get familiar with the actual exam. When a candidate finishes his syllabus portions and earns knowledge from the training, checking his recollecting power is essential. Practicing needs a candidate to memorize all the topics at once, to solve the questions, just like the actual exam scenario. So, take the help of C_TSCM42_67 practice tests and assess yourself before reaching the exam hall.

What Is SAP PP?

SAP PP basically means Production and Planning. The module is particularly suitable for integrating particular branches involved in Production and manufacturing. SAP PP tracks and makes a report of the manufacturing approach flows, for instance, the actual charges. Moreover, good moves from the conversion of uncooked material to semi-completed objects. SAP PP develops plans and techniques for unit and integration, trying out prepares string, unit, and validation.

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Benefits of Using SAP PP in an Organization:

  • SAP PP combines with delivering chain entities, including procurement, inventory manipulates, sales & distribution, and aids in production go with the flow optimization, cloth tracing, and method planning. It continues a check and information the producing method. It compares the planned time and the real-time this is taken.
  • The all-encompassing nature of the SAP PP module offers the organizations with little by little check approximately the Production, advertising and marketing, and promoting techniques. Maintaining up with timely take a look at is a bonus with SAP PP that helps to avoid wastage and offers efficiency to the general method.


SAP PP is a practical answer for commercial enterprise organizations of all sizes. But, its appropriate utilization needs in-intense knowledge and hands-on education on the module. So, grabbing the C_TSCM42_67 certification is essential before applying it to work. The expertise of SAP permits the specialists to help build a robust technical aid basis for their agency, which is a significant gain in elevating the overall efficiency and income.

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