C_LIXEA_2404: LIXEA Study Guide for Dream SAP Certification!

Try out practice tests to get the C_LIXEA_2404 certificate and prove that you possess the basic and overall understanding of Enterprise Architecture Consultant concepts. Learn about some practical study tips to become a SAP Certified Associate – Enterprise Architecture Consultant – SAP LeanIX. For a change, C_LIXEA_2404 video study materials break the monotony of preparation and boost your knowledge. C_LIXEA_2404 practice tests work one step further and offer an excellent opportunity to check your knowledge and performance. Therefore, check out the valuable study materials and take the shortest path to your SAP Certified Associate – Enterprise Architecture Consultant – SAP LeanIX certification.

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We all know that practice is highly beneficial to get better with any of our skills. Then how could it get wrong for the C_LIXEA_2404 exam? When you opt for the C_LIXEA_2404 practice tests, it helps you to face the actual exam-like questions. Moreover, you get the scope to make your preparation better through the unlimited attempt option. So, explore the C_LIXEA_2404 practice test questions for better self-assessment. When you assess yourself and work on your strengths and weaknesses, it works for your improvement and helps increase your score easily in the exam.

LeanIX Features

Describe SAP LeanIX features such as dashboards, surveys, quality seals; explore SAP LeanIX fact sheets, reporting, diagrams, and portals; differentiate user and subscription roles; explain adoption, collaboration, and data import; describe out-of-the-box integrations.

41% – 50%

LeanIX Meta Model

Explain the SAP LeanIX meta model; differentiate meta model components such as business capability, organization, application, IT component; configure the meta model.

21% – 30%

LeanIX Overview

Outline the value proposition of SAP LeanIX; use cases; define and explain enterprise architecture.

11% – 20%

LeanIX Use Case

Describe methodologies; apply the application portfolio assessment, application rationalization initiative.

11% – 20%

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