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C_TS4CO_2020 Certification: How to Ace the S/4HANA for Management Accounting Exam in First Attempt?

Are you ready to pass the C_TS4CO_2020 exam and become an SAP Certified Application Associate-SAP S/4HANA for Management Accounting (SAP S/4HANA 2020)? Here are some study tips to ace the exam smoothly.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates to Take the C_TS4CO_2020 Exam?

The C_TS4CO_2020 exam is suggested as an entry-level exam to allow consultants to get familiar with Management Accounting projects. This C_TS4CO_2020 certificate is the ideal starting point for your professional career as a Management Accounting consultant on SAP S/4HANA.

In case you are experienced with SAP implementation projects of Management Accounting over the years, you can make a professional career by taking a second exam. The second exam targets the migration from SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA, namely SAP Certified Application Professional-Financials in SAP S/4HANA for SAP ERP Financials experts.

What Is Confirmed through the C_TS4CO_2020 Certification?

The C_TS4CO_2020, or ‘SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA for Management Accounting Associates (SAP S/4HANA 2020) certification exam checks and confirms that the candidate has the fundamental knowledge and proven skills in the area of SAP S/4HANA Management Accounting. It tests if the candidate has a good overall understanding within the consultant job role and can implement his knowledge practically in projects under an experienced consultant’s guidance.

Topics Covered under the C_TS4CO_2020 Syllabus:

The C_TS4CO_2020 exam deals with topics like-

  • Profit Center Accounting
  • Organizational Assignments and Process Integration
  • Reporting
  • Internal Orders
  • Cost Object Controlling
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Product Cost Planning
  • Cost Center Accounting

What Is SAP Management Accounting?

SAP Management Accounting is an important SAP module offered to an organization. It offers coordination, monitoring, and optimization of all the in an organization. SAP CO works on recording both the consumption of production factors and the services offered by an organization.

Study Guide to Ace the C_TS4CO_2020 Exam:

Learn about the SAP C_TS4CO_2020 certification Exam Structure and Set A Routine:

If you are unclear about what you are going to work on, you cannot achieve maximum success. Knowing the exam structure, question type is important before jumping into the exam preparation. The C_TS4CO_2020 exam is 180 minutes long and asks 80 questions. You need to answer multiple-choice questions to pass the exam.

You must set a routine to accomplish your goals swiftly. Devoting quality time is important to get optimum success. Studying for long hours could be tiring, therefore set aside one to two hours to complete different syllabus topics. 

Review the key Syllabus topics covered in each portion of the C_TS4CO_2020 Exam:

A candidate needs to grasp various topics like internal orders and profitability analysis through the S/4HANA for Management Accounting certification. The SAP syllabus gives equal importance to each syllabus portion, so a candidate must learn each area to attempt the 80 questions asked in the exam.

You might dislike reading from all syllabus areas, but don’t ever think to skip any syllabus portion. Learn the fundamentals about the disinteresting areas, and focus on making short notes during your preparation. Writing down short notes would enhance your memory power and you can revise the topics quickly before the C_TS4CO_2020 exam.

Keep Testing Your Knowledge with Practice Test Questions and Answers:

You must check continuously if your brain is working correctly or not through continuous practice tests. C_TS4CO_2020 practice tests help you to assess your preparation level. Practicing puts you in the habit of answering a certain number of questions within a specific time. Your speed increases and your confidence evolves through continuous practice. You can find out your strengths and weaknesses through C_TS4CO_2020 practice test results. Try to score higher during online practice tests, as the tests would enhance your capacity to get a higher score in the actual exam. Don’t limit yourself to practice tests only; read from valuable sample questions and exam-related PDFs.

Don’t Forget to Join C_TS4CO_2020 Training:

Learning from experts is always a great solution to widen your knowledge space. Join the C_TS4CO_2020 training at any point of your exam preparation. Make sure that you are confident with your preparation strategy and practice test results.

Benefits of the C_TS4CO_2020 Certification:

  • The C_TS4CO_2020 certification on the SAP S/4HANA boosts your management accounting knowledge, in addition, to support you to achieve some extra advantages. It also presents the opportunity to expand your SAP career being an entry-level certification.

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  • Achieving certification in any engineering or technical field is very beneficial; the same thing happens regarding the SAP certification. Being Certified in SAP Management Accounting is the proper beginning point of your career. You can learn S/4HANA accounting options and work for the betterment of your organization.

Bottom Line:

Now you have learned the focus of the C_TS4CO_2020 certification and discovered the benefits of SAP. Therefore, get ready and get certified.

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