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C_TPLM40_65 Exam: Are You Confident to Pass? Get the Study Guide

What Is the SAP C_TPLM40_65 Certification All About?

The C_TPLM40_65 or the SAP Certified Application Associate – Quality Management with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP5 checks the basic knowledge regarding the SAP Quality Management. The C_TPLM40_65 certification proves that the candidate has a basic overall understanding of the consultant’s profile of the QM solutions and can use his knowledge practically in projects under the guidance of an experienced consultant.

What Is the Level of the C_TPLM40_65 Certification? Can Anybody Take It?

The C_TPLM40_65 certification is recommended as an entry-level qualification to allow consultants to get familiar with the fundamentals of SAP Quality Management. So any candidate starting their career with SAP can opt for the exam.

What Topics Are There in the C_TPLM40_65 Exam?

The C_TPLM40_65 exam deals with topics like-

  • Sample Management
  • Quality Certificates
  • Quality Notifications
  • Audit Management
  • Configuration and Organization
  • Integration of QM and MM
  • Integration of QM with S&D and Service
  • QM in Process Industries
  • Implement & Configure Quality Inspection
  • Implement & Configure Quality Planning
  • Implement & Configure Quality Control
  • Implement QM in Discrete Manufacturing

What Is SAP Quality Management?

SAP Quality Management or QM is an integral part of the supply chain and logistics functions and within the SAP system. German-based SAP-SE builds the SAP QM to streamline several key functions of business organizations. The solution is fully integrated with complementary components including:

  • Production Planning (PP)
  • Materials Management (MM)
  • Plant Maintenance (PM)

What Is the Use of Quality Management?

Quality management is essential to the warehouse. It helps inspect incoming material as it arrives at the facility and for manufacturing operations, where the quality of in-process items is checked during the manufacturing process, and finished goods are inspected before they reach the warehouse.

Study Guide to Prepare for the C_TPLM40_65 Exam?

Discover the C_TPLM40_65Syllabus:

Getting ready for the C_TPLM40_65 exam starts with uncovering the syllabus. SAP Quality Management exam syllabus is almost equally divided, so a candidate must focus equally on all C_TPLM40_65 syllabus areas. Completing the C_TPLM40_65 syllabus will help you to face the 80 questions asked in the SAP QM exam. Some topics may feel difficult, but follow multiple resources to gain clarity.

Make Study Plan to Crack the C_TPLM40_65 Exam:

Once you discover the SAP C_TPLM40_65 syllabus, you must focus on a study routine to pass the exam. A candidate should take enough time, at least two months before the C_TPLM40_65 exam. If your registration is complete at the beginning of your C_TPLM40_65 exam preparation, you can focus on a planned manner for the exam preparation. You don’t need to spend a full day on exam preparation, but study for at least two hours daily.

Avoid Dumps and Switch to Best C_TPLM40_65 Practice Test:

When the primary stages like exploring the syllabus and making a C_TPLM40_65 routine to crack the exam are complete, your focus should shift to taking the best C_TPLM40_65 practice tests for the SAP QM exam online. Choose the best material depending on reviews and google search to get the best result.

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The practice test will help a candidate to evaluate his performance. Through online practice exams, he can become aware of the mistakes he makes. The result section would guide you about the areas you lack.

The C_TPLM40_65 practice test is a better option than dumps because dumps only allow candidates to read the questions and answers. But online C_TPLM40_65 practicing will let you know about your speed and correct answer giving capacity in a certain period.

What Are Some Usage of SAP QM?

SAP QM is used in the following areas-

  • Manage quality information for materials, vendors, manufacturers, and customers
  • Monitor the QM systems of vendors and manufacturers.
  • Plan a source inspection at the vendor’s premises and trigger this inspection before the delivery date.
  • Plan inspections for goods receipt, stock transfers, production orders, predefined inspection points, shipping when deliveries are created and plan recurring inspections.
  • Plan inspection operations in work processes.
  • Master data management like the material master, catalogs, selected sets, master inspection characteristics, class characteristics, inspection methods, sampling procedures, dynamic modification rules, sample-drawing procedures, QM work centers, sampling schemes.
  • Inspection planning (inspection plans, reference operation sets, material specifications).
  • Quality inspections help in (for example, inspection setup, QM-specific data in the material master, QM order, batch management, serial number processing).
  • QM is used in procurement (for example, quality info record in procurement, quality assurance agreements in procurement).
  • QM in production (for example, inspecting by batch, serial number processing, an inspection of variant products).
  • QM is used in Sales and Distribution (for example quality info record in sales, quality assurance agreements in sales, technical delivery terms).

Bottom Line:

Getting SAP certification means you are making your work easy for a specific sector. You can manage your work through the C_TPLM40_65 certification and use SAP PLM to its best.

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