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C_THR82_2211: Preparation Tips to Pass the SAP SF Performance and Goal Exam! 

C_THR82_2211, or the SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals 2H/2022, confirms that the candidate has fundamental knowledge in the field of SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals application. 

Obtaining the C_THR82_2211 certificate demonstrates that the candidate has a comprehensive and basic understanding of this consultant profile within the industry solution and can apply this knowledge practically in projects with the guidance of a seasoned consultant.

What Is the Level of the C_THR82_2211 Certification?

The C_THR82_2211 certification is recommended as an initial qualification for consultants to gain familiarity with the essential principles of SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals.

Here Are Some Study Tips to Prepare for the C_THR82_2211 Exam: 

Know What’s in the C_THR82_2211 Exam: 

Before diving into studying, it’s essential to understand the exam format and content. The C_THR82_2211 exam is a multiple-choice test that consists of 80 questions. The exam duration is 180 minutes, and the passing score is 57%. Set yourself ready to pass the C_THR82_2211 exam, and always remember it is a multiple-choice exam; therefore, keep a different approach to studying. You will be covering the following domains during the exam preparation- 

  • Translations 
  • Route Maps 
  • Continuous Performance Management 
  • Configuration of Performance Management 
  • Configuration of Performance Management 
  • Performance Rating & Permissions 
  • Competencies 
  • Form Templates 
  • Goal Plans 

Follow A Study Plan for the C_THR82_2211 Exam Preparation: 

Once you understand the exam format and content, the next step is to create a study plan. One must stay organized during exam preparation, and it gets easy with the help of a study plan. 

Follow A Realistic Timeline: 

Start by setting a realistic timeline for your exam preparation. Consider your work schedule, family commitments, and other obligations. Allocate enough time for each topic based on its complexity and your familiarity with it.

Utilize Official Study Materials: 

Use official study materials to ensure that you are studying the correct information. The official study materials for the C_THR82_2211 exam are available on the SAP website.

The official study materials include the exam guide, sample questions, and recommended training courses. These resources provide a comprehensive overview of the exam content and offer practical examples to help you prepare effectively.

Don’t Forget to Assess Yourself with C_THR82_2211 Practice Tests: 

Practice tests are a great way to evaluate your understanding of the exam content and assess your readiness for the exam. You can opt for third-party C_THR82_2211 practice tests, where you will face real exam-like questions and gain insights regarding your strengths and weaknesses. 

Don’t Go Slow in the Exam Preparation: 

You should not go solo in the C_THR82_2211 exam preparation. Joining a study group can be beneficial for exam preparation, and a study group provides an opportunity to learn from others, share study materials, and discuss complex topics.

You can join a study group on the SAP Community Network, a platform for SAP professionals. Engage with the community by asking questions and sharing your insights to enhance your learning experience.

Stay Motivated and Confident:

Exam preparation can be a challenging and time-consuming process. It’s essential to stay motivated and confident throughout your preparation.

Remember to take breaks and reward yourself for achieving your study goals. Get in touch with positive and supportive individuals who will encourage and motivate you.

What Is SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management? 

At its core, SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management is a cloud-based software solution designed to help organizations improve their employees’ performance by providing a holistic view of their workforce’s goals, objectives, and development plans. It integrates performance management, goal management, and learning management functionalities into a unified platform that simplifies the employee performance management process and improves workforce productivity.

Benefits of Using SuccessFactors Performance & Goal Management:

SuccessFactors Performance & Goal Management offers many functionalities, and Performance Management is one of them.

Performance Management:

Performance management is an essential component of any effective employee management system. SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management offer a range of tools to help organizations streamline their performance management processes, including:

Performance Appraisals:

Performance appraisals are a critical component of any effective employee management system. SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management offer a range of pre-built appraisal templates that can be customized to fit an organization’s unique needs. This feature simplifies the appraisal process, reducing the time and effort required to manage employee performance.

Continuous Feedback:

SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management allow managers to provide real-time employee feedback. This feature enables managers to address issues as they arise rather than waiting for scheduled appraisals. Continuous feedback helps employees stay on track, encourages engagement, and ensures goals are achieved.


SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management offer a built-in calibration tool that helps organizations identify top performers and underperformers. The tool helps managers make informed decisions about performance ratings, ensuring that performance ratings are fair and consistent across the organization.

Bottom Line: 

The SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management is such a solution that helps an organization in multiple ways. Therefore, the solution is highly used, and if you are certified, you can contribute to an organization’s growth. Therefore, earn the C_THR82_2211 certification and get a career boost.