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C_THR82_2011 Exam: What Is the Best Study Plan to Pass It?

The C_THR82_2011, SAP Certified Application Associate-SAP SuccessFactors Performance, and Goal Management 2H/2020 certification exam confirm that the candidate has the fundamental knowledge about the SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management application. The C_THR82_2011 certification is proof that the candidate has basic and overall expertise within the consultant’s profile of the industry solution. The certification also confirms that he can practically implement his skills in projects under a senior consultant’s guidance.

Who Should Take the C_THR82_2011 Exam and What Is the Level of the Certification?

The C_THR82_2011 certification is an entry-level qualification, so anybody interested to make an SAP career with SAP SuccessFactors can appear for the exam. The C_THR82_2011 certification allows consultants to get acquainted with the fundamental skills of SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management.


SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Management is a solution to help organizations to manage their goal setting and performance evaluation methods in the best possible way. SuccessFactors offers a complete cloud-based solution, referred to as Performance and Goals Management, as part of the overall career development to enhance performance.

Summary of the Exam:

The C_THR82_2011 exam is 180 minutes long and is comprised of 80 questions. A candidate needs to get 64% marks to pass the exam. He becomes SAP Certified Application Associate-SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management 2H/2020, after passing the exam.

Reliable Study Plan to Pass the C_THR82_2011 Exam:

Begin Your Preparation by Discovering the Exam Objectives:

The C_THR82_2011 exam’s objective is to deal with the following areas-

  • Translations
  • Route Maps
  • Continuous Performance Management
  • Configuration of Performance Management
  • 360 Reviews
  • Calibration
  • Competencies
  • Performance Rating and Permissions
  • Form Templates
  • Goal Plans

A candidate must be clear about what he needs to study and how to cover the syllabus. Get registered with Pearson Vue and make a routine to prepare for the exam. If your approach is organized towards the exam, it will become easier to complete the exam topics. Daily studying is beneficial. You don’t need to keep 5-6 hours for study, only devotion of 2 hours will work well. If you write the essential topics during the study, your revision process will become easier.

Always Get Ready to Learn from the Experts through C_THR82_2011 Training:

SAP modules are not easy to learn, and some practical experiences are helpful to answer questions in the exam hall. Whether you are self-studying or taking any coaching, it is always useful to learn from the experts through SAP C_THR82_2011 training. Learning from the experts would widen your knowledge about the C_THR82_2011 exam.

Practicing Is Must for Attaining Success:

If you keep on learning and do not assess yourself, you won’t be able to know; you are weak at which syllabus portions. C_THR82_2011 practice tests act as the best tool to evaluate your preparation level. When you keep taking online practice tests, you will know about your weaknesses and strengths in the exam through the result section. Online practicing will gradually boost your confidence about the exam. Many people choose dumps but still fail in the exam, as they can only learn the topics but forget to assess themselves.  

What Are the Benefits of the C_THR82_2011 Certification?

Passing the C_THR82_2011 exam offers you the scope to use SAP performance management’s unique features. Performance management functions’ main objectives are recording activities or achievements, defining goals by employees or managers, and assessing performance on a periodic or continuous basis. The SAP Solution for the HR function has all the traits required to support MBO – Management by Objectives, including performance Assessments, powerful Goal Management & Performance Reviews.

C_THR81_2011 Exam: Earn Complete Knowledge for Your Human Capital Management

  • With an easy-to-use interface, also accessible through mobile devices, everyone involved in the process can use the solution effectively and efficiently. 
  • While the SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Management solution is highly customizable and can be configured according to specific business needs, it provides certain built-in features that can be used instantly, just by activating them. Customers can get Performance and Goals Management implemented with the help of SAP Implementation Partners.
  • SAP Success Factors PM/GM is a cloud solution that will execute the Performance Management and Goals methods when fully implemented.
  • It will improve the performance review methods by integrating flawlessly with Learning Management System and the Onboarding module (planned) and aligns with the overall strategic plan for career development, compensation planning, and succession planning actions.
  • Increased productivity as the PMGM aligns employees to corporate goals,  improve performance accountability, increases daily engagement, and more efficient review process.
  • High Retention as the PMGM creates meaningful feedback, understand development needs, and provide fair compensation adjustments.

Bottom Line:

The SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management or the C_THR82_2011 exam allows a candidate to use SAP to improve productivity and performance. If you have these two skills, you can not only develop your business but once you are selected for any organization, you will benefit them hugely. Being SAP certified is a huge benefit, and having the C_THR82_2011 certification improves your future career path. So get ready and ace the exam.

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