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C_TADM54_75: Practice Tests Help Prepare Better for the SAP System Administration with SAP NetWeaver 7.5 Exam

How to prepare better for the C_TADM54_75 exam? Adding practice tests to your preparation helps to get valuable insights regarding your performance and assists in preparing better for the SAP BASIS exam.

What Does the C_TADM54_75 Certification Validate?

C_TADM54_75 or the SAP Certified Technology Associate – System Administration (SAP ASE) with NetWeaver 7.5 certification exam supports that the candidate can assist clients and employers in managing and executing key business processes. A candidate becomes armed with the understanding of SAP system administration with the C_TADM54_75 certification and can implement this knowledge practically in SAP projects after this.

What Topics Are Covered under the C_TADM54_75 Certification Syllabus?

The C_TADM54_75 exam covers the following topics-

  • System Administration AS Java
  • User Administration (AS ABAP and/or AS Java)
  • Browser-based UI (Administrative Tasks)
  • SAP System Concepts
  • System Administration AS ABAP
  • Installation and Patching SAP Systems
  • Transport Management
  • SAP Fiori (Fundamentals and Administration)
  • Database Administration

Details of the C_TADM54_75 Certification Exam:

The SAP Certified Technology Associate – System Administration (SAP ASE) with SAP NetWeaver 7.5 is a multiple-choice exam with 80 questions. A candidate needs to get 59% marks to pass the exam.

How to Prepare for the C_TADM54_75 Certification Exam?

Have a Good Grasp on the Syllabus:

Though the C_TADM54_75 exam is of associate level, don’t take the exam lightly, as it deals with some of the crucial topics. The syllabus is distributed in such a manner that almost every section gets equal importance. Therefore, try to get a good grasp on every syllabus section before you appear for the exam.

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Proceed with A Study Schedule:

The main benefit of making a study schedule is that it helps to stay organized regarding exam preparation. Mention on your schedule what topics you want to cover on a daily basis. While you sit studying, you don’t need to decide every time; the schedule would help choose the particular day’s topics.

Use Your Study Hours Productively:

Now, what does using study hours productively mean? It means using your study time in a distraction-free manner. When you are highly devoted during your study hours, you can also learn and grasp as much as you can within 2 hours. Therefore, stay determined to spend two hours daily and cover the syllabus topics with ease.

Join the Training:

Combining practical training with your study is essential to earn success in the SAP C_TADM54_75 exam. Therefore, enroll in the SAP training, and boost your practical knowledge base.

Are C_TADM54_75 Practice Tests Helpful?

What material you choose really affects your preparation and performance level in the actual exam. Many candidates choose to study from dumps, and they miss out on the self-evaluation method. On the other hand, aspirants improve their performance with the help of real exams like C_TADM54_75 practice tests. Hence, choose wisely to score better in the exam.   


SAP BASIS or SAP System Administration ASE is the technical foundation that allows all SAP applications to run smoothly. SAP BASIS consists of tools and programs that support the interactions of multiple systems and the portability of SAP applications across databases and systems.

What Is SAP NetWeaver?

Earning the C_TADM54_75 certification allows a candidate to work with the SAP NetWeaver solution.

SAP NW solution is an open platform that helps manage and configure business operations to develop workbench applications so the user can achieve multiple advantages. The solution is based on the Service-Oriented Architecture approach and allows the user to perform tasks flexibly. SAP NetWeaver also helps to do system upgrades quickly.

What Are the Benefits of Using SAP NetWeaver?

  • The SAP NetWeaver Application server helps the user to perform analysis and embedded analytics in real-time.
  • Easy development of web applications is possible using tools like Web Dynpro, NW Development Studio, ABAP Workbench.
  • SAP NetWeaver helps to manage applications from different providers, implemented in different languages.
  • SAP NetWeaver allows easy business logic implementation and consumption and SAP Backend system content using the web and mobile applications.
  • It ensures a flexible and simple development environment for mobile and web applications using SAP NetWeaver Gateway, SAP UI5 based on JAVA, and HTML5 based Application development.
  • Easy workflow and day-to-day business operations management is obtained using SAP Fiori Launchpad based on NetWeaver platform deployment model. Using NetWeaver gateway, developers and consultants can create applications that link business users to SAP software from any situation and through any device.

Bottom Line:

SAP Netweaver offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions that are considered best among different portals. The enterprise-ready platform is highly scalable and has improved possibilities, with some tools for the end-users, administrators, and developers.

The User Interface available within the portal is highly flexible and is capable of integrating business methods, and there is a possibility for interoperating the services that the users demand. 

In short, SAP NetWeaver is highly useful for businesses, and it creates the demand for certified candidates with knowledge of the solution. Therefore, get the C_TADM54_75 certification and take a new leap to your career.