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C_SRM_72 Certification: Earn It to Manage Your Supplier Relation

The C_SRM_72 SRM exam is an associate-level exam and open to any candidate who wants to make an SAP career. But individuals with basic knowledge of procurement processes can work well with the C_SRM_72 certification. 

Who Are the Target Audience for the C_SRM_72 Exam?

The C_SRM_72 certification is helpful for the following candidates-

  • Change Manager
  • Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Process Architect
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Help Desk / COE Support
  • Program / Project Manager

What Is Validated through the C_SRM_72 Certification?

The SRM, C_SRM_72 certification, or the Solution Consultant Supplier Relationship Management SAP SRM 7.0 EHP 2 exam validates a candidate’s knowledge regarding the SRM area for the application associate ll consultant profile.

The C_SRM_72 certification helps the basic knowledge of a candidate to work within the consultant’s profile. The certification proves that he can implement the knowledge practically in projects. The C_SRM_72 holder or SAP Certified Application Associate can contribute to the success of the project’s creation and implementation stages under a mentor’s guidance and would typically have a maximum of three years of experience in the solution area. You don’t need to have any Project experience should not be a prerequisite for a competent and well-trained candidate to pass this exam.

Preparation Tips to Ace the C_SRM_72 Exam:

Focus More on Covering the C_SRM_72 Syllabus:

Your grasp of the syllabus changes the total exam game or the rate of your success. When a candidate learns the C_SRM_72 topic from the core, he creates the possibility to attempt the 80 questions swiftly in the exam hall. There is a huge difference between the SAP exam with other exams. SAP exams are always almost equal percentage-based. Therefore the focus on every section should be cleared. Go through the various topics and cover them thoroughly-

The C_SRM_72 exam deals with the following topics-

  • Bidding, Auctioning, and E-Sourcing Processes
  • Accounting and ERP integration
  • Master data (product and business partner), Organization structure and user management, and customizing data synchronization
  • Workflow implementation and features
  • Catalog Management
  • Contract Management
  • Monitoring of documents, processes, and system communication; BADI concept
  • Operational sourcing
  • Basic Netweaver Portal administration and integration, Portal UI and WebDynpro UI configuration; field control
  • Procurement Documents in SRM and ERP
  • Supplier Self Services and Supplier Registration
  • Self Service Procurement Processes

Make A Study Plan to Stay Organized:

Organizing your actions and time management help you a lot during the C_SRM_72 exam preparation. For an effective study, you must make a chart and write down the topic-wise schedule. You can keep extra time to review the topics you find hard. But, don’t plan during your study hour. Preschedule what you want to learn for a particular day. If you focus on two three topics daily for completing the syllabus, you can cover it within a two-month time gap swiftly. It is always important to keep a gap of at least two months to get ready.

Rely Highly on the C_SRM_72 Training:

SAP exam success is highly dependent on both theoretical and practical knowledge both. You can be very good at self-study, but learning from the experts would help you to go a long way. Therefore join the training.

Use the Most Effective C_SRM_72 Assessment Tool:

Assessment is one of the most important steps to get ready for exam preparation, and what could be better than taking the C_SRM_72 practice test? Continuous practicing helps a candidate discover his strengths and weaknesses and attempt all questions within time. He learns how much time he should spend on each question. A candidate should never be focused on getting high marks from the beginning of their practice exam attempts. But, they should only focus on their improvement.

What Is SAP SRM?

Supplier management is the relationship made between a buyer and supplier, subject to the criticality of the goods or services being bought and supplied into any organization. SRM determines the type of working relationship that you should look to form with the suppliers. Supplier relationship management is a softcore skill for all supply managers and procurement.

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To successfully maintain appropriate relationships, it is vital to look at them from a practice stance. While making down the relationship into process steps, then the role of procurement is to measure success based on the ability to business results.

Some Benefits Are As Follows:

Reduced Price:

Working combined and sharing forward forecasts can open discussion to remove cost from the production method or any other areas of the supply chain.

Cost Exchange:

Buyer/Supplier discusses total cost to deliver the goods or service, consider for alternative components/specification change, inventory reduction, and other cost-saving areas, while still achieving performance specification.

Technology or Innovation Exchanges:

The supplier may share innovative progress or new market offerings.

Improved or Priority Service Levels:

Highly valued customers are often offered priority production availability. Based on the scope of work and security of the relationship, suppliers may even work on investment in developing their production capacity to meet increasing customer demand.

Bottom Line:

Earning the SAP C_SRM_72 certification helps you gain knowledge regarding SAP SRM and progress your career path. Therefore, grab it and move towards a successful career.

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