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C_S4EWM_1909 Certification Is Here to Simplify Your Warehouse Inventory Management Process

Can the C_S4EWM_1909 certification help you in your business? The answer is undoubtedly yes. SAP S/4 HANA is the Digital Core and is the next generation of ERP to modernize for Digital Businesses. The SAP lines of business solutions continue to be considered as standalone solutions or as part of the SAP S/4HANA Lines of Business solutions giving more choice to customers, allowing true hybrid scenarios and incremental deployments.

SAP EWM became an embedded application component within SAP S/4HANA known as S/4HANA Supply Chain Management for extended warehouse management.

Overview of the C_S4EWM_1909 Certification:

The 180 minutes long SAP Certified Application Associate – Extended Warehouse Management with SAP S/4HANA or the C_S4EWM_1909 certification exam confirms that the candidate has the fundamental and core knowledge about extended warehouse management and can successfully work as a consultant.

Having the certification proves that the candidate has an overall knowledge of the exam topics, and he can use the knowledge practically in projects to offer to the success of the planning and implementation phases of a project with a mentor’s guidance.

What Are the Syllabus Topics You Need to Study?

A candidate should learn about the following topics during his C_S4EWM_1909 exam preparation.

  • Warehouse Order and Warehouse Order Creation Rules.
  • Shipping and Receiving.
  • Warehouse Management (Monitor – Cockpit).
  • Internal processing (Physical Inventory, Replenishment).
  • Warehouse Process Types, Warehouse Task Creation, Strategies.
  • System Integration, Master Data, and Delivery Document Customizing.
  • Cross Topics (Labor Management, Exception Handling, Batches, Serial Numbers).
  • Process and Layout Oriented Storage Control.
  • Warehouse Structure, Resource Management, and SAP EWM Master Data.
  • Outbound Processes (Wave Management, Cross-docking, Production Integration).
  • Inbound Processes (Value Added Services, Cross-docking, Quality Management.

What Should Be Your Study Plan to Ace the C_S4EWM_1909 Exam?

Make A Time Bound Study Plan to Get Maximum Result:

Only dreaming of taking the C_S4EWM_1909 exam, and passing it is not easy. A candidate must make a strategy and have specific goals for his SAP C_S4EWM_1909 exam preparation. Register at the beginning to make a realistic study plan. You have registered means there is a 99% chance that you would take the exam. So, work accordingly.

Grasp the C_S4EWM_1909 Syllabus to Score Well:

Going through the Extended Warehouse Management with SAP S/4HANA syllabus and grasping it is the most crucial step. Applicants must read the C_S4EWM_1909 syllabus thoroughly because they can begin their preparation from learning the syllabus topics. It is advisable to include all the core topics in the study plan without skipping any domain.

Set Aside Specific Time for Topics:

Time management is the most vital aspect of every SAP exam. So, an applicant should take enough time to each learn C_S4EWM_1909 syllabus topics. Try to cover at least two-three topics every day, but you can take more time on a single topic depending on the toughness of a particular topic.

Chart Out a Study Plan

Preparing a study plan helps to determine the roadway for completing your C_S4EWM_1909 syllabus within the appropriate time. Make a monthly plan that will have details on how you want to cover every syllabus topic. It is vital to devote some solid time daily to complete the preparation within a specific time. At the end of each week, a candidate needs to review the topics and work hard on some topics he is unable to recall. Take at least two months or more to prepare and study for at least two hours daily.

C_S4CDK_2021 Certification: How Important Is Practicing to Pass the Exam?

Practicing Impacts Your C_S4EWM_1909 Exam Success:

Continuous practice is one of the best methods to assure your C_S4EWM_1909 exam success on the first attempt. Practicing is the best tool to evaluate your preparation level. You can check your strengths and weaknesses from the result section and work further to improve your score.

What Is SAP EWM?

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is a solution used to manage inventory in the Warehouse effectively. It also supports the processing of goods movement. The SAP EWM allows the company to control its Warehouse inbound and outbound processes and movement of goods in the Warehouse.

Bottom Line:

Why the C_S4EWM_1909 certification is vital in today’s business or career-focused world, the certification helps to use SAP EWM. Using the SAP EWM benefits a user or business in many ways. All the goods movements are managed by a warehouse management system and offer the user tools to monitor warehouse activities. A candidate can also manage additional functions in the Warehouse like creating a batch number, serial number,  vendor management inventory, value-added services, and resource optimization. The knowledge of SAP Extended Warehouse Management, C_S4EWM_1909 certification allows the user not only to monitor the number of goods in the Warehouse but to manage other critical functions and delivery of goods efficiently.

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