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C_MDG_1909 Exam: Pass & Use SAP Master Data Governance for Career Boost

How to pass the C_MDG_1909 Exam? Where to find C_MDG_1909 sample questions? Is it worth taking the exam? Stop bothering about these questions and follow the article to the bottom to reveal more about the  SAP Master Data Governance exam.

The C_MDG_1909, SAP Certified Application Associate -Master Data Governance certification exam validates that the candidate possesses the application consultant profile’s fundamental and core knowledge. The C_MDG_1909 certification confirms that the candidate has complete knowledge and in‐depth technical skills to work as a member of a project team under a mentor’s guidance.

Who Should Take the C_MDG_1909 Exam?

This C_MDG_1909 certification exam is recommended as an entry-level qualification. So any candidate wanting to make an SAP career can take this certification.

In short, if a candidate wants to perform some of the mentioned works below, should go for the MDG exam.

  • Integrate and monitor your data across the enterprise.
  • Identify and decrease data problems.
  • Improve the reliability and accuracy of the master data analysis method.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of his master data quality.

What is SAP Master Data Governance?

SAP MDG or Master Data Governance is a state-of-the-art master data management solution that provides out-of-the-box, domain-specific master data governance. The SAP master data solution helps to centrally change, create, distribute, or consolidate master data over your complete enterprise system landscape.

SAP MDG assures data integrity across both SAP and non-SAP systems and is an integrated foundation for optimized business means leading to higher productivity with trusted data, assuring consistency that saves time and money.

Summary of the C_MDG_1909 Certification:

The C_MDG_1909 Certification, which deals with SAP master data governance solution, is a 180 minutes long exam and asks 80 questions. A candidate needs to get 59% marks to pass the exam.

How to Prepare for the C_MDG_1909 Exam?

Complete the C_MDG_1909 Syllabus and Read from Books:

Books are always the best resources to prepare for an exam. A candidate must follow books like SAP MDG Landscape recommendation, extensibility guides, etc., to complete the syllabus topics. SAP has divided the topics percentage-wise; a candidate may gain clarity about the important topics from percentage division. But to attempt 80 questions, a candidate must learn all syllabus topics well.

Following A Study Schedule Is Must:

If you don’t follow any schedule, you won’t be able to prepare well for the exam and may end up losing valuable preparation time. If you set a schedule for yourself, your approach would be more serious. Try to engage at least two hours daily for the C_MDG_1909 Certification exam. Making short notes from important syllabus topics would be helpful to revise easily.

Remember Practice Makes A Man Perfect:

You might be very confident about the exam preparation, but you must never ignore the importance of taking practice exams. Taking the C_MDG_1909 practice test would help a candidate to evaluate his preparation level. You can easily detect your strengths and weaknesses through the C_MDG_1909 practice test and work on those areas to improve performance.

Some Benefits of the C_MDG_1909 Certification:

  • A user can get a single, trusted view of his data.
  • Automatic approval workflows for master data creation or change offers.
  • Central creation and support of master data across SAP and non-SAP systems.
  • Improvement of data quality.
  • Make compliance with corporate data standards.
  • Creating an audit trail for master data differences is possible with cost reduction.

Some Other Benefits of the C_MDG_1909 Certification:

Master Data Governance, C_MDG_1909 Certification Allows Several Cataloging Abilities, Including:

  • A candidate can identify and document which domains of master data are included in applications and other sources such as lakes and data warehouses.
  • He can confirm the quality, accuracy, and fullness of the master data in each source.
  • With the C_MDG_1909 certification knowledge, a candidate can verify the consistency of master data definitions across sources.

Following the master data, you have skills regarding where it is located, and clarifying how it adjusts to your definitions and policies is critical for MDM. For example, mergers and takeovers are a common strategy for growth and expansion into new markets. Knowing the master data present in the needed company’s source systems and how it maps to your master data definitions can reduce integration costs, accelerate business value, and reduce financial reporting risk.

The C_MDG_1909 Helps Process Mapping:

Just as a catalog document where master data resides, process mapping shows how master data flows between sources as part of business activities. Understanding the sources of master data and how it flows through processes helps a candidate better visualize things like how data is being used, compliance risk exposure, and where rules need to be embedded into methods to enforce policies. A candidate needs to understand where data is collected, which systems it goes to, and to what third parties it is shared with so you can implement standards and policies for data acquisition and submissions.

Role of Individuals Is Defined:

Master data governance documents provide visibility into the people across organizational functions who are key to the success of MDM activities. These key people include:

  • The subject matter experts in the business can determine both standardized master data definitions for the organization and the levels and types of quality thresholds needed for different business methods.
  • The data stewards are required for remediating data quality issues for specific master data domains.
  • IT people are needed for the architecture and management of databases, applications, and business methods.
  • Legal and security people are appointed for data privacy and protection. Cross-functional leaders, who comprise the governance board or council, are appointed to resolve disputes between different functions within an organization.

Workflows Could Be Maintained Easily:

Once a candidate has defined his key people, you also need to document the workflows that will allow those people to work together. These areas are-

  • Workflow for master data creation requests that define the mechanism for making the request.
  • There are multiple people in different organizations who need to be involved with parallel workflows, approval, and go-live activation and distribution to applications.

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Metrics Can Be Defined:

Master data governance or MDM also defines the metrics that an individual uses to measure and manage master data. Common technical metrics include the accuracy and completeness of master data, the number of duplicate records in an application, and how many personal data attributes are encrypted or masked. While these metrics can help in the technical administration of master data, leading organizations will frequently try to define further how these technical metrics change business outcome metrics. You can understand how the quality and consistency of material and supplier master data impacts the ability to negotiate better procurement terms, mitigate supply disruption risk, and reduce inventory carrying costs.

Bottom Line:

SAP certifications are known worldwide. When a candidate starts his career with associate-level certification, he opens up his chances to earn more credentials and opportunities. The C_MDG_1909 certification allows to consolidate and centrally govern the master data lifecycle to enhance the quality and consistency of information across your organization. So hurry up and get ready to be certified.

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