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C_HCDEV_01 Exam: How to Ace It on Your First Attempt?

Passing the C_HCDEV_01 exam and becoming SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP HANA Cloud 1.0 is a reality now. Explore one of the proven practice tests to boost your confidence regarding the exam.

C_HCDEV_01 or the SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP HANA Cloud 1.0 certification exam is about confirming your knowledge and skills to develop native software applications. These applications are supposed to run on the SAP Business Technology Platform using the SAP HANA Cloud DB.

Earning the C_HCDEV_01 certification builds on your basic skills earned through related SAP HANA Cloud training. The training deals with the development tools and a programming model. It is required to realize the different parts of a software application in SAP HANA Cloud.

What Are the Syllabus Topics?

The C_HCDEV_01 exam covers the following topics-

  • SQLScript Development
  • Source Control Using Git
  • Application Security
  • Basic Multi-Target Application (MTA) Development
  • Application Development using the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model
  • SAP HANA Cloud, Modeling, and Administration Basics
  • Event Handling and Error Handling
  • Expose Data as OData Services and Create and Integrate the UI
  • Persistence Data Model Creation and Deployment

Preparation Guide to Pass the C_HCDEV_01 Exam:

Know the Exam Day to Plan Your Exam:

When we are aware of any work, it becomes easy to execute that work. This goes the same for exam preparations. You must fix the exam date and start preparing with utmost devotion. The determination to take the exam on a targeted date will help you to focus easily.

Completion of the C_HCDEV_01 Syllabus Should Be Your Second Step:

SAP C_HCDEV_01 exam topics usually carry almost equal percentages, so covering the syllabus domains and gaining knowledge from each section is mandatory in case of SAP exam success. The C_HCDEV_01 exam is 80 questions long, and you need to get a 61% mark to pass the exam.

Improve Learning with Notes:

You need to remember the topics for longer to pass the C_HCDEV_01 exam with ease, and making short notes while studying helps a lot to remember the topics for longer. When you are in a rush before the actual exam, these handy notes become your savior, and you can revise faster.

Dedicate Quality Time for the C_HCDEV_01 Exam Preparation:

A dedicated time slot for exam preparation helps you be aware of your study hours and targeted topics for a specific day. Many aspirants fail to grasp the complete C_HCDEV_01 syllabus within a certain period as they proceed without planning. But once you follow a routine or make a chart and try to dedicate certain hours for the C_HCDEV_01 exam preparation, you will end up completing the C_HCDEV_01 syllabus within a specific time and in an organized manner.

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Set Out Short & Realistic Study Hour for Learning:

Don’t try to study for long hours; you may end up being tired. You should always be realistic about the hours you devote to exam preparation. Don’t be in the myth that spending more time will help you to learn better. But, if you devote only two hours daily with devotion, that could be much more bene. Study two to three topics at a time and cover them from the core.

Can You Recall the C_HCDEV_01 Topics Before Exam?

You must try out the C_HCDEV_01 practice tests to get the answer to this question. Make the study routine in a manner that you get enough time to take online C_HCDEV_01 practice tests. Self-assessment through the C_HCDEV_01 practice will offer valuable Choose a suitable time within your study hour and keep practicing online. C_HCDEV_01 practice tests are time-based, so you will become familiar with the actual exam pattern and questions. Scoring high in the practice test exams will boost your confidence to score well in the actual exam too. Therefore, keep on practicing to become confident about the overall syllabus domain.

Overview of SAP HANA Cloud:

SAP HANA Cloud is a completely managed in-memory cloud database as a service (DBaaS). It is the cloud-based data foundation for SAP Business Technology Platform, and the solution integrates data across the enterprise, enabling faster decisions based on live data.

Benefits of Using SAP HANA Cloud:

Experience One source of Business Data and Truth:

  • Get connected with data across different data sources with greater ease.
  • Standardize and streamline data management with a data platform that offers a single source of data.
  • SAP HANA smart data access helps to reduce data duplication with virtualization.

Avail Storage Scopes Based on Your Demands:

  • You Get to use flexible multi-tiering data storage based on the requirement.
  • Use a queryable data lake for the storage of any data.
  • Optimize performance and cost ratio by storing the data properly.
  • Get blended with 3rd party object storage.

Get High Performing on Demand Data:

  • Have high-speed, anytime access to data independently.
  • Allow independent storage and computing.
  • Scale up or down fast with no up-front costs, fully managed as a service.

Bottom Line:

Earning a basic level SAP certification is all about proving knowledge regarding a specific solution and proving it to potential employers through the certification badge. Therefore, earn the C_HCDEV_01 certification to better experience the SAP HANA Cloud Solution.