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C_HANADEV_16: How to Become SAP Certified Development Associate-SAP HANA 2.0?

When it comes to the preparation of the C_HANADEV_16 exam, a candidate might face many challenges and questions.

  • What type of exam is the C_HANADEV_16 exam?
  • How many questions are asked in the C_HANADEV_16 exam?
  • Is it very tough to pass the C_HANADEV_16 exam?
  • What are the resources and how should one study?

If you are a newbie to SAP and confused about these questions, the article could help you solve all your queries.

What Is the C_HANADEV_16 Certification?

The C_HANADEV_16  or the SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP HANA 2.0 SPS04 certification exam confirms that a candidate has the knowledge to develop native software applications that run on the SAP HANA Platform.

The certification builds on the basic knowledge gained through related SAP HANA training. The training deals with the development tools and languages used to realize the different parts of a software application in SAP HANA.

What Topics Are Covered under the C_HANADEV_16 Syllabus?

The C_HANADEV_16 certification covers topics like-

  • Using Database Security
  • Managing Source Code Using Git
  • Defining Application Security
  • Creating and Integrating the UI
  • Creating the Persistence Data Model
  • Using Calculation Views
  • SQLScript Development
  • Exposing Data as OData Services
  • Developing a Multi-Target Application

Summary of the C_HANADEV_16 Exam:

The C_HANADEV_16 is an entry-level exam to work with SAP HANA solution. The multiple-choice type exam is 180 minutes long. A candidate can expect scenario-based questions too, in the C_HANADEV_16 exam. A candidate needs to spend only 550$, but the investment is worth it. Passing marks for the exam is 66%.

What Should Be the Ideal Study Plan for the C_HANADEV_16 Exam?

Set an Actionable Routine:

Planning is important for any exam’s success. When you are preparing for SAP certifications, planning becomes more important. Take enough time to study. Register with Pearson Vue and take the actual exam at a gap of at least two months. Setting a routine is important, but maintaining the routine becomes more important. Think realistic while preparing for the C_HANADEV_16 exam. Set aside two to three hours for daily preparation. Nobody can read at a stretch for 5-6 hours, so starting the exam preparation with real-time planning is important. Try to devote those two hours in a distraction-free manner. Success in the exam needs a little sacrifice, so whenever you study try to keep your phone off.

Work on the Syllabus of C_HANADEV_16 Exam:

Searching, planning, and grasping the C_HANADEV_16 syllabus is the most vital part of preparation. SAP certifications are basically percentage-based. A candidate can get a clear idea of the more and less important areas following the syllabus percentage. During preparation, a candidate may find that he is not interested in particular topic areas. But it is strictly recommended not to skip any syllabus topic. Only the command over all syllabus topics could lead to earning success in the first attempt.

If they don’t focus on all areas with equal devotion, at least they must know the basics of that area. Topics like Developing a Multi-Target Application, and SQLScript Development, should be given more attention. While making a weekly schedule, set a target, and try to achieve the target. For lengthier topics keep more time, and shorter topics will undoubtedly take less time to complete. Make short notes or at least write down the important point names to revise them quickly before the exam day.

Should You Read From C_HANADEV_16 Sample Questions?

The answer is yes. When you feel that you have a bit of knowledge about all syllabus topics, you must go for other resources. C_HANADEV_16 sample questions are one of the important resources. Sample questions from different websites will enhance the knowledge and add variation to a candidate’s preparation plan.

Depend on SAP Training:

SAP provides training for the C_HANADEV_16 certification. It is always beneficial to learn from experts, whether you take classroom coaching or you are studying alone. SAP instructor-led trainings are 5 days schedule based and it helps a candidate to prepare well.

Practice More with C_HANADEV_16 Practice Test:

Studying hard is important, but the more important part is to practice. A candidate must take mock tests from reliable SAP material providing sites. Enrolling for online practice tests could be highly beneficial. C_HANADEV_16 practice tests are generally expert-designed and give the feel of taking the real exam. The result sections of the C_HANADEV_16 practice tests empower a candidate with assessment power. One can learn about the mistakes and correct them through hard work in the next attempt.

Why Should You Take the C_HANADEV_16 Exam?

The knowledge of C_HANADEV_16 certification helps a candidate to work with the SAP HANA solution.

  • A candidate can make intelligent, real-time applications flawlessly with built-in development and runtime capabilities, leveraging open standards and tools. The knowledge of the C_HANADEV_16 certification will help you to use these tools of SAP HANA’s application module and create unique.
  • SAP HANA application allows producing modern applications faster with drastically simplified application architecture.
  • Leverage existing skills of the C_HANADEV_16 certification and the programming language that best fits your needs with SAP HANA. 
  • Use a variety of application development tools made especially for SAP HANA.  These tools will suit your needs, such as Eclipse, Web IDE, and ABAP-based development methods while working practically.

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Bottom Line:

We all know the value of SAP certifications across the globe. SAP certifications boost a candidate with a higher salary, better job scope, and more value than other peers. The C_HANADEV_16 certification is an entry-level certification but opens a wide career path for the candidate taking the exam.

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