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C_EPMBPC_11 Certification: Easy Study Tips & Benefits

What Does the C_EPMBPC_11 Certification Check?

The C_EPMBPC_11 certification exam checks if the candidate knows about SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 and 11.0. The C_EPMBPC_11 certification confirms that the Associate Consultant has a good sound understanding and knowledge of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation for SAP BW/4HANA. Based on the certification knowledge, the successful Associate can apply his gained skills to execute a variety of appropriate operations. These include implementation, customization, and maintenance-related issues within a project team and contributing positively to the success of a project under an experienced team member’s guidance.

Is There Any Prerequisite to Take the Exam?

Project experience is not a prerequisite for a competent and well-trained candidate to pass this exam. But, a typical Associate – SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1/11.0 consultant can benefit if he has a maximum of three years of experience in the field.

Topic Areas Covered in the C_EPMBPC_11 Exam:

The BPC exam deals with the following topics-

  • Architecture
  • Process Control
  • BPC Web client consolidation
  • Analysis for Office
  • Data Manager
  • Administration
  • Environments and Dimensions
  • Models
  • BW Integration
  • Integrated Planning
  • EPM add-in
  • Business Rules
  • Script Logic and Calculations

How to Get Ready for the Exam?

Use A Study Plan Focusing on all Syllabus Topics:

Schedule an exam date with Pearson Vue. Now plan according to the time you have in hand for the exam. It is better to take at least two months before the exam.

Completing the whole C_EPMBPC_11 syllabus is vital to get success. When you become determined to pass the C_EPMBPC_11 exam, try to devote dedicated time to the exam preparation. You may study for two hours only, but remember to utilize those two hours in a distraction-free manner. Try to stay away from gadgets during your study time.

Take Training from SAP and Follow Reference Books:

SAP provides official training for the C_EPMBPC_11 exam. You can find some topics to be hard for understanding; training would help you in this regard. You can follow books like BPC420, BPC430, BPC440.

Work with C_EPMBPC_11 Practice Tests:

Have you prepared well for the C_EPMBPC_11 exam? The assessment is crucial. A practice test can help you assess your preparation. The C_EPMBPC_11 practice tests are time-based, and when you keep solving them regularly, they will make you familiar with taking the actual exam. If you can score higher marks in the practice exams, you would make a good mark in the actual exam too.

Some candidates choose to use C_EPMBPC_11 dumps, but they forget to assess themselves. Dumps are only for reading and learning purposes. Due to lack of practice, they face immense difficulty in the exam hall. So, practice hard to ease your C_EPMBPC_11 exam journey.

What Is SAP BPC?

The SAP BPC or SAP Business Planning and Consolidation is an application that delivers planning, budgeting, forecasting, and financial consolidation capabilities. The solution helps you adjust plans and forecasts easily, ensure compliance with financial reporting standards and speed up budget and closing cycles.

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What Are the Benefits of Having the C_EPMBPC_11 Certification?

The C_EPMBPC_11 certification helps you to use SAP BPC, which helps in the following matters-

Get Centralized Planning and Consolidation through C_EPMBPC_11 Certification Knowledge:

You can save time and eliminate mistakes with a single, integrated software solution for business planning and consolidation.

Use Microsoft Office and Web Reporting:

Manage stakeholders across finance and throughout the enterprise with Microsoft Excel, HTML5, and enhanced visualization through SAP Analytics Cloud.

Make Budget and Forecasting Easy:

Use what-if modeling and scenario planning to get budget suitability in real-time. You can also create forecast models and quickly update and adjust forecasts as demanded.

Create Financial Intelligence:

Generate aggregations, allocations, and other manual methods to speed up planning cycles while running what-if scenarios to check quick course corrections.

Legal and Management Consolidations:

Offer a fast and accurate close by automating the consolidation method. You can meet all financial reporting requirements, including a complete audit trail.

Bottom Line:

SAP has many modules, which help to solve different issues. The C_EPMBPC_11 certification helps to use SAP BPC and impacts your career in a positive direction.

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