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C_CPE_13: Tested Study Guide to Get Your SAP Cloud Platform Certification

What’s the path to passing the C_CPE_13 exam? Should you rely on PDF Dumps to score better or enroll for practice tests? Get the best study guide through this article and ace the C_CPE_13 exam.

What Is the C_CPE_13 Certification All About?

C_CPE_13 or the SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP Extension Suite certification exam proves that the candidate is versed with the fundamental and core knowledge needed to work on the SAP Extension Suite profile.

The C_CPE_13 certification also confirms that the candidate has an overall understanding and in‐depth technical skills to join as a project team member under a mentor’s guidance. The knowledge of the C_CPE_13 certification gets boosted up through SAP training.

What Do You Need to Learn through the Certification Preparation?

The C_CPE_13 exam covers the following topics-

  • Web development standards
  • Connectivity
  • UI
  • SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment
  • SAP Cloud Application Programming model
  • Tools
  • SAP Authorization and Trust Management

Preparation Tips for the C_CPE_13 Exam:

Enroll Your Name for the C_CPE_13 Exam:

Enroll your name with Pearson Vue for taking the C_CPE_13 exam. Many candidates think about appearing for the C_CPE_13 exam, and they leave the preparation halfway due to several reasons. Getting registered makes your approach better towards exam preparation.

Get Your Grip Stronger on C_CPE_13 Syllabus Topics:

Exploring the syllabus of SAP Cloud Platform is very important. Here, the topics are mentioned in this article, but one must go through the official website to get complete details. If your grip is stronger on the syllabus topics, taking the exam becomes relatively simple. If you look closer at the syllabus distribution, there is not much difference in the topic distribution. Every section holds equal importance, and a candidate must learn all sections.

Use A Schedule to Keep Track of Your Preparation:

Syllabus completion could feel to be a task for many aspirants. But, if you follow a schedule, syllabus completion could feel better. You must write about the topic names to be covered on a particular day, sections you are facing difficulty in, topic-related links, and more in the schedule.

If you focus on daily learning, pressure will be low during the last two to three weeks before the exam. Develop the habit of learning two to three topics daily and write down notes out of the topics. The habit of learning something and writing it down would boost your recalling power during the exam.

Move towards Your C_CPE_13 Certification Dream through Practice Test:

If you are studying for the C_CPE_13 exam, your dream must be to become the SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP Extension Suite professional. To make this dream true, candidates should take the practice exam attempts and learn more about their weaknesses and strength regarding the syllabus areas. The main purpose of using the C_CPE_13 practice test is to evaluate a candidate’s preparation level and gradually boost it through rigorous practice.

Overview of SAP Cloud:

Intelligent enterprises need nothing but the convergence of skillsets and strengths owned by humans and machines, making the building blocks of an innovative business model. To earn the intelligent state, enterprises come across challenges such as integrating data and all the processes, security, compliances, security, transparency, and immediate availability of new applications and methods. SAP cloud platform comprises all the elements needed to address these challenges and paves the path towards digital transformation.

Benefits of Using SAP Cloud Platform:

Improve Developers with Various Tools:

SAP Cloud, an open standard platform, offers an opportunity to IT experts to leverage the platform with a range of development tools. The platform is much easier for developers to build customized business services and apps by using their technical skills. Another important feature of the cloud platform is the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, which allows the user to create business applications based on your domain logic quickly.

Get Trouble-Free Interactions:

In addition, to offer smooth and seamless interaction between SAP’s software as service offerings (SaaS) and core SAP system, the SAP cloud platform also blends SAP HANA Data Management Suite tools. The solution ensures a hassle-free retrieval of data from any disparate system. Flawless integration of the Hybrid system landscape with the existing solution is another benefit of SAP Cloud Platform.

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Get Easy Access to Preconfigured Applications:

The user gets to use multiple preconfigured applications through the SAP Cloud Platform. The process brings in an opportunity to build and integrate innovative enterprise-class applications with the availability of in-built application components. These things can be done with minimum effort and less time. Due to SAP Cloud Platform, they enjoy the benefit of being a part of SAP’s complete ecosystem where they can access partner solutions.

Get User-Friendly Experience:

Any business’s success is dependent on user acceptance. Therefore, a user-friendly application interface becomes the crucial part an app should offer across all devices. The SAP cloud platform came to the rescue with all the software development kits needed to build a customized interface according to their business demands.

Bottom Line:

Make the path to earn more knowledge on the SAP Cloud Platform, and build up your career as an associate. The C_CPE_13 exam needs you to score a 64% mark and helps you to gravitate towards a better job.