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C_CPE_12 Certification Practice Test to Make You an SAP Associate in No Time

Earning the C_CPE_12 certification and using SAP Cloud Platform could lead to making up an intelligent enterprise. But combining the C_CPE_12 study guide with a reliable practice test is the key to success.

SAP Cloud Platform brings together the strengths and skills of people and machines, thus creating the foundation for innovative business services and models.

Overview of the C_CPE_12 Certification:

The C_CPE_12 or SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP Extension Suite certification exam confirms that the candidate possesses the core and fundamental skills needed for the SAP Extension Suite profile.

The C_CPE_12 certification also confirms that the candidate has the overall skills and in‐depth technical knowledge to work as a project team member under any mentor’s guidance. This certificate builds on the basic knowledge gained through related SAP training.

What Topics Are Covered under the C_CPE_12 Exam:

A candidate needs to study the following topics-

  • Side-by-side extensibility
  • SAP Cloud SDK
  • In-App extensibility
  • APIs
  • Security
  • The Intelligent Enterprise
  • Cloud-Native Application Development

Explore the Study Guide to Pass the C_CPE_12 Exam:

Put the First Effort with Registration

Pearson Vue conducts the C_CPE_12 exam. A candidate can register directly from Pearson Vue’s site for the exam. If you start with the C_CPE_12 exam registration first, it will make you aware of the exam date, and making the preparation would be easy.

Learn about the C_CPE_12 Exam Structure:

It is always great to explore the exam before jumping for exam preparation. Learning the exam objectives and exam structure keeps you mentally prepared for facing the exam swiftly.

The C_CPE_12 exam is 180 minutes long exam and comprises 80 multiple-choice questions. A candidate needs to obtain a 63% mark to pass the exam.

Completion of the C_CPE_12 Syllabus Is Essential:

How many questions you can face in the C_CPE_12 exam solely depends on completing the syllabus. SAP syllabus is always distributed in almost equal percentages, so a candidate must chalk out and plan how many topics he wants to cover every day. For sure success, following the syllabus completion schedule is essential. Whatever learning speed you have, or whatever study situation you are at, take at least two months to get ready for the C_CPE_12 exam.

Learn from the Experts:

SAP offers training for all related exams, and it is highly suggested to include hands-on training to enhance your knowledge and crack the exam.

Use C_CPE_12 Practice Test to Assess Yourself:

What is your preparation level? Getting the answer and detailed analysis is very important to improve further. A candidate can evaluate himself quickly through the C_CPE_12 practice test. The practice tests are expertly designed to point out the weakness and strengths of a candidate. They offer valuable insights into different sections, and if you have time, you can work on those areas to score better in the future.

What Is SAP Cloud Platform?

Intelligent business models and methods will be the driving force behind successful organizations in the future. SAP Cloud Platform can help accelerate growth and simplify the digital transformation to a smart enterprise offering multiple benefits in the process.

Here Are the Benefits of SAP Cloud Platform:

Effortless Integration of Existing Solutions and Hybrid System Scenarios:

SAP Cloud Platform ensures the smooth interaction between core SAP systems and SAP’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, but the SAP HANA Data Management Suite tools and SAP Data Hub solution likewise integrate effortlessly. SAP Cloud makes it possible for users to call up data from disparate systems and solutions in a minimal time span. SAP Cloud Platform also brings heterogeneous solutions and hybrid system landscapes together under one roof.

C_SRM_72 Certification: Earn It to Manage Your Supplier Relation

Faster Deployment of Preconfigured Services and Applications:

With SAP Cloud Platform, organizations have access to a wide range of preconfigured business methods. Getting ready-made application components and integrated functions for provisioning and authentication, customers can now build and blend innovative applications in next to no time at all. But that’s not everything; they can also consume partner-built solutions and apps at the touch of a button on the platform, getting the maximum benefit from the growing SAP ecosystem.

Simple Development of Essential Business Applications:

SAP Cloud Platform is dependent on open standards and offers IT experts a range of development tools and possibilities. Programmers, for example, can leverage their existing ABAP know-how with agile methods and DevOps principles. They can build new business services and apps due to the integrated programming framework Cloud Application Programming Model for SAP Cloud Platform, concentrate exclusively on the business logic for new applications and processes.

Final Words:

Associate-level certifications are essential to build your knowledge and push you ahead in the career ladder. Therefore grab the C_CPE_12 certificate to stay ahead of your peers.

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