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C_ARCIG_2102 Certification: Use the Knowledge for Fast & Simple System Integration

The C_ARCIG_2102, or the SAP Certified Application Associate-SAP Ariba Integration with Cloud Integration Gateway certification exam, checks if the candidate possesses the basic knowledge from core regarding the integrating method of SAP Ariba applications with each other and with other systems for the consultant’s profile.

This certification confirms that the candidate has an overall understanding and can use the knowledge practically in projects to add to the success of a project’s planning and implementation phases under a mentor’s guidance.

What Is the Level of the Certification?

The C_ARCIG_2102 certification is an associate-level certification, so anybody who is just beginning a career with SAP Ariba Integration can take the exam. Previous project experience is not counted as a prerequisite to pass this exam.

Topics Covered under the C_ARCIG_2102 Exam:

The Ariba Integration with Cloud Integration Gateway exam deals with topics like-

  • SAP Ariba Cloud Integration overview
  • SAP Cloud Connector
  • Custom Mapping Tool & Content-Based Routing
  • Supplier Lifecycle Performance
  • SAP Ariba AddOn Simplified Configuration (SPRO)
  • Ariba Network Integration IDOC flows and proxy flows
  • SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing integration Configuration
  • SAP Ariba Procurement integration Configuration
  • CI to SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway Migration
  • SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway Configuration (enablement; access & project creation)
  • Master data

Summary of the C_ARCIG_2102 Exam:

The C_ARCIG_2102 exam is 180 minutes long and comprises 80 questions. A candidate can expect multiple-choice-type questions in the exam. he should get 52% marks to ace the C_ARCIG_2102 exam.

How to Prepare for the C_ARCIG_2102 Exam?

  • Start the C_ARCIG_2102 exam preparation by registering yourself with Pearson Vue. You can get a confirmed exam date after registration and plan a schedule depending on that.
  • Get the syllabus details from the official site or any other website through google search. Some IT exams mention the difference in the percentage of topics, and candidates experience questions from the higher percentage areas. But in the case of C_ARCIG_2102 certification and other SAP certifications, the syllabus is divided into almost equal percentages. So, gaining knowledge from every topic area is vital to pass the exam. Some areas may be tough to understand, and you may want to skip it, but try to gain the basic knowledge from those areas.
  • A systematic approach to complete the syllabus is essential. So once you get the C_ARCIG_2102 syllabus, make a schedule and mention particular topics on a chart to finish it within a certain period. Regular studying is very important to complete the syllabus. So, you fix a two hours timing for daily study, use it for completing the topics. There is no need to study for long hours, but devotion to your daily routine would earn you success.
  • Depend on different resources to enhance your subject-oriented knowledge. Many online platforms provide sample questions for the C_ARCIG_2102 exam. After finishing the syllabus topics, try to solve the sample questions and widen your knowledge through additional question-solving.
  • Join the C_ARCIG_2102 training at the beginning. Before jumping to the preparations alone, you can depend highly on experts. Learn the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject areas from the SAP training.
  • Practicing online should become your hobby during exam days. If you keep taking online C_ARCIG_2102 practice tests, you can get an idea about your preparation level. If you can attempt all questions and score well in the practice exams, that means you are ready for the actual exam. But if you face difficulty in attempting the questions, you must follow the result section and work on the weaker sections from where you cannot answer. Thus practicing online will improve your confidence gradually.

What Is SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway?

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway is enabled by the SAP Cloud Platform Integration service. It transforms the integration method by making it simple to connect your trading partners, backend systems such as SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA for touchless end-to-end transacting andSAP Ariba applications,

How Could You Help an Organization through Your Knowledge?

Through the C_ARCIG_2102 certification, you can use SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway. The platform is enabled by SAP Cloud Platform Integration and offers you a fast and simple way to get connected your back-end systems without the help of multiple adapters. Intuitive self-service tools help to quickly configure, extend, and test methods, while automated upgrades and monitoring make it easy to keep smooth transaction flow.

With this single integration gateway to Ariba Network, you can help your company:

  • Speed up end-to-end integration.
  • Enjoy a lower total cost of ownership and faster return on investment.
  • Quickly connect with all trading partners.
  • Optimize procurement processes and your supply chain.
  • Enjoy a faster market-to-cash cycle.
  • Achieve touchless e-commerce transactions.

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Bottom Line:

The benefits of SAP certifications are countless. SAP has many solutions, and each solution offers a different level of work satisfaction. Having the associate level C_ARCIG_2102 certification helps you to earn the advanced level certifications with SAP. During an interview, you get preference over a non-certified candidate. The certification empowers you with the knowledge to help your own business or help some other organization to grow.

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