Build Solution Overview

Build Solution Overview


What is Build
Why should SAP customers care?
Build is a comprehensive set of tools that enables organizations to design and prototype enterprise apps that make end users happy. Build is an integral part of SAP UXaaS providing tools for needs discovery and product design.

Build enables non-technical business users to:

  • Create prototypes collaboratively:
    • Upload sketches of your ideas to easily create interactive low-fidelity prototypes which can be used to get feedback from your end users
    • Design high-fidelity prototypes with drag-and-drop controls, Fiori floor plans and real sample data
    • Collaborate with your project team
    • Jumpstart development with UI5 starter code that can be imported into SAP WebIDE
  • Customize from a prototype gallery: Use real Fiori-inspired examples from SAP and community as a starting point to great your own
  • Get feedback from end users: Jumpstart Easily get feedback from end users through remote studies distributed via a hyperlink
  • Learn User Centered Design and Design-thinking: Learn a little and do a lot with easily consumable method card integrated and reference examples integrated with BUILD’s design tools

Why did SAP create Build?
SAP created Build to help internal product teams, customers and partners adopt user centered design and ultimately improve the end user satisfaction with apps built on SAP technology. By offering integrated design learning and tools via the cloud that are easy for non-technical users to adopt, BUILD is intended to help scale design in the enterprise, and enable business analysts to design enterprise applications that end users will love. This comprehensive set of tools allows for the easy creation of prototypes, the ability to research end user needs, collaborate among all UX stakeholders, as well as the ability to learn design process.

How do I know if I am the right customer for Build?
Build will be of great value to you if you:

  • Want to design new enterprise apps, for your end-users, that work with your existing SAP systems
  • Provide a more user-centric UI with Fiori for your SAP apps
  • Extend or modify your SAP apps to fit end-user needs

How does Build simplify the UI design experience?
Build Learning content aid’s users in the brainstorming process. Users can easily import sketches or drawings in the form of an image file (photograph of a sketch) to create a low fidelity prototype. This feature allows teams to quickly share their ideas, with interactive elements, with their teams, managers and other LoB users. Users can also use drag-n-drop UI5 components to easily design a high fidelity prototype. They can add interactions and custom data via spreadsheets to give your prototype the look and feel of a real enterprise app. The collaboration feature makes working among teams easy and no coding is required. Feedback verifies the needs of end users, aggregated in a useful and practical format. Feedback can be captured in verbal and non-verbal forms to ensure the prototype’s design is exactly what is required by the enterprise end user.

What type of prototypes can customers create with Build?
Build enables users to create interactive prototypes for desktop, tablet and mobile applications based on Fiori responsive templates. Prototypes created with these templates make it simple for users to follow SAP Fiori design guidelines. Prototypes can be imported into WebIDE to be completed by developers and deployed via HCP or SAP Fiori, cloud service.

How can the UI code generated by Build be used?
BUILD generates code which is intended to help communicate requirements to developers and jumpstart the development process. The reusability of the code varies by prototype in BUILD and the templates used. This ranges from high reuse from Smart Templates (aka Fiori Elements) and other Fiori page templates to low reuse for image-based and freestyle templates.

How long has Build been on the market?
Build was made available in Q2 2015 (via Beta) and is available now.

How many users are using Build today?
Many SAP customers and partners are already experienced with Build. The Beta program (previously named Splash) had 21,000 registered users participating. The users represent over 1500 companies globally across many countries. This also includes many consulting organizations who use Build to help their customers with designing and prototyping SAP applications.

What happened to Splash?
Splash used to represent the learning and community content that was integrated with Build. Based on feedback from customers and the Field, we have consolidated Splash and Build into one brand: Build.

Free Trial and Licensing

Free trial of Build:
Build is free of charge to everyone and up to 5 projects can remain active at one time.
Build will also be available via the HCP developer trial cockpit and restricted under the same terms and conditions of the HCP developer trial.

Build Enterprise Licensing:
Build enterprise licenses are currently available through the following Enterprise HCP resource packages

  • HCP App Services Standard (8004745)
  • HCP App Services Professional (8004746)
  • HCP App Services Premium (8004747)

An Enterprise License of Build provides the following:

  • A dedicated Build tenant for your company
  • Unrestricted usage of Build for all HCP user user projects
  • Full integration capability with your company’s Identity management and SSO system
  • One administrative license providing user management, access and audit capabilities
    All end users of Build do not require an HCP license

Are there any discounts for Build?
Build Cloud product always enjoy term and volume discounts.

Is Build expensive to purchase?
No, It is the most inexpensive design tool on the market. Just one admin user and HCP resource package allows one’s ENTIRE organization access to Build.

Are there any other ways to purchase build?
We are currently working on various other sales channels to purchase of Build. These new channels will be announced soon. Please check back with this document often as it will be updated with new information when received.

What if more than one Admin user is required?
We If more than one admin user is needed, an additional HCP resource package is required to be purchased. However, Build will be offered via other channels in the near term. These new sales channels will allow alternative methods for obtaining additional admin users. Please check back with this document often, or with your account executive, for updates.

Getting value from Build

What distinct value have Build customers realized to-date?
Increased end-user satisfaction. BUILD makes it easier to involve end users in the design process and iterate together to ensure the project team is building the right app with the right user experience
Reduction of cost – By providing the tools to validate designs and incorporate feedback from users before development, BUILD drastically reduces costly change requests
Streamline communication between business analysts, development and other stakeholders – Interactive prototypes and generated UI code more effectively communicate requirements and ensure that everyone is on the same page

What are customers saying about Build?
Many customers have already shared their opinions about Build. Here are just a few of quotes that have come from our customers.

” BUILD’s tools and design guidance cultivated the creative thinking to build a solution that made it 2 – 4x easier to create a new business partner. This creation of time for team members is used to listen and learn about customers stories and in turn has created happiness for our clientele” – Trevor Gartner, Director Customer Relationship Management ATB Financial

“Build enabled our stakeholders and users to shape the front end before any development was started. – we found it really valuable for creating prototypes and analyzing feedback.” – Jo Rose, SAP & Business Systems Manager

“Creating realistic prototypes is key to understand requirements. Build allows requirements to be quickly created and tested, avoiding re-work costs.” – Owen Pettiford, SVP Digital Transformation

“SAP UI5/Fiori and Build allows me to define better requirements and deliver solutions with a delightful User Experience…” – Hennie Pieters, Leader: Enterprice Architecture

Where can I read detailed success stories?
Detailed success stories include the following:

  • The Business Transformation Story of ConvergentIS
  • Videos from Woodgrain Mills and John Hopkins University

More stories are coming soon!!!

Onboarding and Support

If a customer has an existing HCP account, will this customer be required to create a new HCP account to activate Build?
No, Customers will be able to activate Build within their existing HCP account. (Assuming they have purchased a license or bundle that includes access to Build).

Once the configuration is completed, how does the end user access Build?
The Admin User has the ability to provide end users with a specific Build URL (generated by the configuration process). Then, depending on the configuration, the User may be required to create a new user account using SAP Cloud ID Service. If the admin user choses a configuration that supports SSO through customer’s Identity Provider, the end user can then be authenticated automatically.

Is Build considered an mission critical product?
No, Build is a non-mission critical solution. No P1 / P2 tickets are allowed for this application.

What support does Build offer?
Standard support processes apply for P3 and P4 issues only (English only). Fulfilling the SLA will be completed by the Build Dev / Solution team.

Build is an integral part of SAP Ux strategy

What is User Experience as a Service?
User Experience as a Service (UXaaS) is SAP’s suite of cloud-based applications which address the innovation lifecycle (Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy) enabling organizations to create great UX for their enterprise applications.

How does this align with the SAP Fiori and SAP Fiori, cloud edition strategies?
SAP Fiori is the strategic user experience for all SAP software; it is role based, simplified, and personalized. By providing a service to simplify the process of designing enterprise applications that end users will love, we can speed the adoption of Fiori and to help drive adoption of HANA Cloud Platform. Build can be used to design SAP Fiori applications that can be deployed to either SAP Fiori on premise or SAP Fiori, cloud service. It allows non-technical users to design and test apps within the SAP Fiori design guidelines, without writing code. This frees up development resources to code the integration to the backend and not focus on the design.

How does Build benefit any customer who is using other design tools today?
A SAP customer will benefit from using Build even if they have other design tools. Build is part SAP User-Experience-as-a-Service (UXaaS), an integrated offering on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), which enables customers to easily develop and deploy their prototypes and accelerates time-to-value. Even if customers are using other design tools, they will still be able to utilize the learnings and thought leadership provided by the content within Build. Users can also import the static images generated by other design tools into Build to add interactive elements.

How does Build work with WebIDE?
Build is the prototyping tool for SAP project teams. Finalized prototypes can be imported to WebIDE and jumpstart develop as these prototypes generate UI5 code. Finalized prototypes also act as an application spec between product owners and developers. This is more efficient than coding PoCs, and more effective than sharing screen shots on paper. Build’s interactive prototyping and end user testing allows developers to create exactly what is required by its end users – reducing the time and cost of rework and enabling development resources to be more efficient and effective.

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