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C_TS412_1909: Preparation Tips to Earn the SAP S/4HANA Project Systems Certification on First Attempt

Dumps or C_TS412_1909 practice tests, what should you rely on to earn the SAP S/4HANA Project Systems certification? Get clarity on your thoughts through this blog.

What Is the C_TS412_1909 Certification All About?

C_TS412_1909 or the SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA Project Systems certification exam is all about validating your fundamental and core knowledge regarding sourcing and procurement to work as an associate-level SAP consultant.

The C_TS412_1909 certification also proves that the candidate possesses overall knowledge about SAP PS. The associate-level knowledge, assures that he can use the knowledge practically in projects to participate in the success of the planning and implementation phases of a project team under a mentor’s guidance. Previous project experience helps to earn the certification, but not a mandatory thing to pass the exam.

What Topics Are Covered Under the C_TS412_1909 Syllabus?

The C_TS412_1909 exam covers the following topics-

  • Resources
  • Material
  • Project Structures
  • Reporting
  • Revenues and Payments
  • Cost and Budgets
  • Dates

Details of the C_TS412_1909 Certification Exam:

The C_TS412_1909 exam is an 80 questions long exam with multiple-choice questions. The aspirant needs to get a 51% mark to pass the exam. You earn the SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA Project Systems certification, after passing the exam.

What Are the Useful Tips to Pass the C_TS412_1909 Certification?

Stay Organized throughout:

Staying organized moves you one step forward to earn success in any work, and taking the registration at the beginning could help you ease out the C_TS412_1909 exam preparation too. If you take the registration before jumping into the preparation, that means you are serious about taking the exam. Registering means, you already know how much time you have till the exam day and planning becomes easy.

Have Firm Grasp on the C_TS412_1909 Syllabus Topics:

Every SAP exam pays attention to the syllabus section, in an equal manner, and the C_TS412_1909 exam is also not an exception to this. Therefore, try to have a firm grasp on the syllabus topics to attempt a maximum number of questions in the exam hall.

Make Studying Enjoyable:

Exam preparations could be tiring sometimes. But always have the option to make it interesting by making charts, and flashcards. Make a habit of following this chart daily and keep a track of your preparation. Highlight the completed topics and use separate colors for other topics, that need your attention more. Seeing a colorful study chart could help you get rid of boredom regarding the completion of the topics. Plan out what topics you want to cover daily.

Stay Devoted to Your Study Hours:

If you are keen to ace the exam on your first attempt, fixing a study hour is important. Suppose you can study for two hours daily, then utilize these hours in a productive manner. Take a break from social media notifications during your study hour, and make essential notes for better memorization and faster revision.

Choose C_TS412_1909 Practice Tests Over Dumps:

Get out of the confusion while choosing between dumps and practice tests. Getting familiar with the exam structure and self-assessments is important before you take the actual exam, and C_TS412_1909 practice tests help in this regard. On, the other hand you miss out on the self-assessment method with dumps. Therefore, take chance with practice tests and improve your passing ability.

What Is SAP PS?

SAP PS (Project Systems) is an integrated project management tool that helps to plan and manage projects. It is a crucial part of the entire SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP) application.

The solution is highly in collaboration with other SAP modules such as Finance, Sales & Distribution, Materials Management, Human Resources, Production Planning, and more.

SAP PS gives users the scope to effectively manage and control the entire project lifecycle right from structuring to planning to creating detailed plans to executing, all the way until the completion of the project.

How Does SAP PS Helps Organizations?

Project Structuring Is Flexible with SAP PS:

To use SAP PS functionalities to the fullest potential, clear and well-defined structures needed to be built into the system first. An unambiguous structured project offers the basis for effective monitoring, planning, control, and success of the project. Therefore, good thoughts should be given before a project starts. Depending on the type of project and the emphasis on project monitoring, you structure your projects in PS using the operative structures Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and/or Networks, depending on the business demand.

C_HCMOD_01: Explore the Exam Acing Tips & Study Materials

WBS offers the scope to carry out revenue planning, invoicing, budgeting, reporting amongst other functions. Networks structures come with functionalities such as scheduling, material procurement, network costing, capacity planning, and many more. The flexibility of these structures allows different methods to capture the structure of a project, depending on the business needs.

Check the Progress of Projects:

This is another essential feature of SAP PS. Progress analysis is used to get information on the state of your project and how it is developing. The feature allows the user to determine planned and actual project progress values, and to compare the two sets of data. Thus it offers the user the insight needed to take the corrective measures if the project is out of track.

The user can check the project analysis data using the standard reports provided for this purpose in the project information system. You can also create reports depending on your personal need. Progress analysis is best suitable for projects where time is critical, a lot of work has been planned, or the processing is resource-intensive.

Bottom Line:

Why get the SAP C_TS412_1909 certification? The application of SAP project systems will help the business suite to improve every department of the organization and instantly generate added value for the organization. So, get the C_TS412_1909 certification and improve your financial planning and contribute to the growth of your organization.