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5 Useful Preparation Tips to Pass the C_TS460_1909 Exam

  • Exam Code: C_TS460_1909
  • Name of the Certification: SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA Sales 1909 Upskilling 
  • No. of Questions: 80
  • Passing Marks: 66%
  • Time Duration: 180 minutes
  • Question Type: Multiple-choice

The C_TS460_1909, SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA Sales 1909 Upskilling certification exam proves that the candidate has the fundamental and core knowledge needed for the SAP S/4HANA Sales profile.

The C_TS460_1909 certification also proves that the candidate has an overall knowledge and in‐depth technical expertise to participate as a member of a project team under the guidance of a mentor.

Who Should Take the C_TS460_1909 Exam?

The C_TS460_1909 certification is most suitable for application Consultant, Business Process Owner, team lead, power user, program, project managers, and technology consultants. The C_TS460_1909 certification exam is considered as an entry-level qualification.

Is There Any Prerequisite to Take the C_TS460_1909 Exam?

The certification exam is most suitable  for those who are certified in any of the certification exams:

  • SAP Certified Application Associate Sales and Distribution, ERP 6.0 EhP7
  • SAP Certified Application Associate – Order Fulfillment with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5
  • SAP Certified Application Associate Sales and Distribution, ERP 6.0 EhP6

Knowledge of SAP ERP is needed to pass the exam.

Topics Covered:

The topics covered under the C_TS460_1909 exam are mentioned as below:

  • Sales process and Customizing
  • Next-Generation Technologies + The Intelligent Enterprise
  • Smart Business
  • Simplifications
  • S/4HANA Essentials
  • Enterprise Management Execution
  • Billing Process and Customizing
  • Shipping Process and Customizing
  • Master data
  • Pricing and condition technique
  • Availability Check
  • Organizational Structures
  • Cross-functional Customizing
  • Basic Functions (customizing)

Preparation Tips for the C_TS460_1909 Exam:

  • Before starting the preparation for the C_TS460_1909 exam, a candidate must register his name with Pearson Vue. Registration should be the first step of starting preparation because it confirms that you are serious about the exam and will act seriously during the preparation.
  • Look for the syllabus details. You can easily get details of the C_TS460_1909 exam syllabus from the official website. The topic names are mentioned here, but a candidate must go through the detailed syllabus to make an effective study plan. Syllabus topics distribution will give you an idea about the crucial topics and less important topics. Make a schedule according to that, but don’t skip any syllabus topic. Read from books like TSCM60, TSCM62, S4SD1, S4LG1, etc.
  • Clarity on exam topics is very important. SAP modules are not so easy to understand, but it can become easier if you join the SAP training for the C_TS460_1909 exam. Experts offer the instructor-led training, so you could gain and strengthen your knowledge from experts by joining SAP training.
  • Search for sample questions from different resources. Many websites offer free sample questions for the C_TS460_1909 exam. Reading from different resources will be helpful in widening your knowledge regarding the exam questions. Not only this, but you will also be more confident that your preparation level is not limited to any particular resource.
  • The last step of your preparation should be taking practice tests. When you have completed the full syllabus, and you can remember the topics easily, it is time that you devote your time to taking practice exams. Practice makes a man perfect, a known fact, though you are confident enough, don’t forget to take practice exams. ERPPrep.com offers one of the most trusted and helpful practice tests for the C_TS460_1909 certification. Practicing regularly makes you aware of the weaker syllabus sections as well as, the stronger portions. You can put your time and energy into those sections depending on the practice test results.

What Are the Benefits of the C_TS460_1909 Certification?

  • The C_TS460_1909 certification works on the S/4HANA solution. Here are some benefits of the SAP S/4HANA solution that could be beneficial for sales-
  • SAP S/4HANA Sales allows the user to monitor, manage, and collaborate on sales orders due to shipping and invoicing, letting customers and company agreements be fulfilled easily, on time, and accurately.
  • S/4HANA lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) due to data model simplification.
  • Memory footprint gets reduced, and simplified document flow and elimination of index tables is possible.
  • Increased performance of SAP HANA queries and code pushdown allows one select statement instead of two statements.
  • Increased robustness allows rebate processing.
  • S/4HANA allows faster business outcomes with reduced operational costs.
  • Increased competitiveness with integrated, fast, and flexible business processes.
  • Higher employee productivity with a focus on value-added tasks.

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Final Words:

Appearing for the C_TS460_1909 exam means you are entering the world of SAP with S/4HANA solution knowledge. Knowing the solution and different areas of the certification will undoubtedly boost your confidence. Your resume will get preferred; not only this, your skills will be beneficial for business improvement.

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