S/4 HANA FIORI Transactional App data validations with FIORI ELEMENT Template and CDS -BOPF framework


Introduction: This Blog is to show S/4 hana fiori transactional app data validations with FIORI ELEMENT Template and CDS -BOPF framework.This covers CDS creation, app crud operations(transactional behaviour), Odata Publish withannotations and Odata registration to be used in front end. Required SAP landscape prerequisites are Eclipse ADT, WebIDE, S/4 HANA On-Premise with SAP_GWFND and SAP_UI […]

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SICF on PI/PO single stack : Shortening Long URLs for customers inbound

SAP Process Integration, SAP ERP

SICF alternative on PI/PO single stack. In case where customer sends us files on a dual stack, SICF is available to create service and shorten the long technical URLs with various security mechanisms. Which means something like this {server:port}/HttpAdapter/HttpMessageServlet?interfaceNamespace=<namespace> &interface=<interface name>&senderService=BS_Sender&qos=EO can be made to this {server:port}/<context-root>/<app> without compromising on the authentication mechanism like Basic, […]

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Alternate Resource Set up & Selection from Scheduling Board in S/4 HANA 1709

MAN Production Planning (PP)

Purpose: The main purpose of this document is, to describe the sequence of steps to be followed, to set up the Alternate Resource/Alternative Modes, in PPDS S/4 HANA 1709 System. This set up will facilitate the Production Planner, to select any Alternate Resource maintained in the Plant, if there is any problem in already scheduled […]

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