Flexible Workflow for Purchase Order and PO to Invoicing Process in S/4HANA Cloud

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, MM (Materials Management), SAP S/4HANA

Purpose In this blog we would see how to build a flexible workflow for purchase order in S/4HANA Cloud. Further we would also see purchase order to supplier invoicing process. Flexible workflow for purchase order Step1: Activate Flexible Workflow for Purchase Orders Make settings that are relevant for working with purchase orders. Use When working […]

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Analysis of Memory Management & Host/Resource Utilization Statistics in BW ON HANA and above


Many a times users of SAP face performance issue on the system which in turn impact their daily tasks and business. One of the common cause behind such performance issues can be less efficient memory management analysis or improper load distribution which leads to high host/resource utilization. I am going to write series of blog […]

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Stability Study with SAP Quality Management

PLM Quality Management (QM) SAP ERP

1. Configuration 1.1. Inspection types Although the inspection types for stability are preconfigured in SAP QM. Still, you can configure the custom inspection types for stability. Follow the Path: IMG >> Quality Management >> Quality Inspection >> Inspection Lot Creation >> Maintain Inspection Types 16 Inspection for Storage Condition (Stabi) 1601 Initial Test (Stability Studies) […]

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Integration of SAP Data Quality Management microservices for location data into an SAP Data Services job

SAP Data Services, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Data Quality Management

SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data (DQMms) offers cloud-based microservices for address cleansing, geocoding, and reverse geocoding on the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP). It enables embedding address cleansing and enrichment services within any business process or application in order to quickly leverage the value of complete and accurate address data. DQMms key capabilities […]

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Extending Standard Apps on Consumer Accounts of SAP Asset Intelligence Network

SAP Asset Intelligence Network, SAP Cloud, PLM Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)/Plant Maintenance (PM), Internet of Things

The SAP Asset Intelligence Network (SAP AIN) brings together the following types of customers: Operators: Large scale companies from various industries that buy, own and operate industrial assets Manufacturers: Industrial asset manufacturers that design, produce, sell, commission and operate/service industrial assets Distributors & Service Providers: Units that operate close to the operators and provide them […]

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