Identifying Fake News with SAP HANA & TensorFlow

SAP HANA, SAP Text Analysis, SAP HANA Text Analysis

Having seen a fake news dataset on Kaggle, we wanted to see if we could differentiate between “fake news” and “real news”. Four of the SAP HANA capabilities enabled us to attempt this challenge. Text Analytics, Predictive (External Machine Learning), Data Modeling and Data Virtualization. Main steps covered here Data Acquisition & Data Preparation Model […]

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Unified Legacy Decommissioning using SAP Information Lifecycle Management

SAP ERP, SAP Information Lifecycle Management

Introduction In today’s Enterprise Information is critical to business with multiple SAP and Non SAP Enterprise applications. These applications have both structured and unstructured data used for business, legal and audit requirement. The challenge now before all Enterprise, is to understand how their data evolves, determine how it grows, monitor how its usage changes over […]

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