How to create planned orders/purchase requisitions/production orders directly when sales orders are created without running MRP

MAN Production Planning (PP), Manufacturing

Sometimes, it is required in business that the planned orders/purchase requisitions/production orders can be created in transaction code VA01 directly when sales orders are created without running MRP for the sales orders. This can be realized through one of the solutions below. Solution 1: Automatic planning A purchase requisition is created for sales order 14086/10 […]

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SAP HR-PY-Gratuity Configuration

Human Resources, HCM, SAP HR, Payroll

Gratuity Configuration Step-1:- SPRO-SAP Reference IMG-Payroll India- Retirement Benefit- Gratuity- Maintain Gratuity Trust ID-V_T7ING3 In this activity, you define the different Gratuity trusts maintained by your company. Activities Enter a four digit alphanumeric code for each Gratuity trust in the GRA ID field. Enter a decrption for the trust in the Text field. Save your […]

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Inter-company STO with SD Delivery, Billing & LIV

MM (Materials Management), SAP ERP

In this document I’m going to explain inter-Company Stock transport Order with SD Delivery, Billing & Logistics Invoice verification. Prerequisites: 1. Knowledge of MM & SD 2. Two organization structures: one for purchasing and another for sales Purchasing: Company Code:8888, Plant: 8881, Sto. Loc: 0002, Purchase Organization: 8881, Sales: Company Code:6666, Delivering Plant: 6661, Sto. […]

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